Monday, September 17, 2012

my far

I was having arm trouble in January. My right arm was numb yet tingly and felt like dead weight just hanging. It had been going on awhile so I felt I should see my doctor. I had injured my ulner nerve on the left arm and had surgery a few years prior and thought maybe it was the same problem. After going over my symptoms along with other symptoms not listed here he felt I had early onset M.S. and told me to keep a journal. He then commented I needed to come in for my yearly check up as I was over do and my blood work from last time was not good. (ofcourse it was not bad enough to make him contact me...) I said I would and made the appointment as well as my yearly mammogram. The receptionist called to schedule it and then said they have a cancelation , would you be willing to go in tommorow morning? Ofcourse, why not? *Thank You Jesus. I went for my mammogram and was called back. Pretty normal for me to be called back as I have large dense breast. The radiologist checked my scans as I waited and came in to tell me there was something there and I needed a needle biopsy. I would need to meet with a surgeon first. I met with a nice surgeon. He was short with a large head and so smiley. looked like he shoped in the boys dept. I liked him instantly. He assured me it was probably normal as only 18% ever turns out to be cancer. The biopsy was scheduled. after the procedure it was a very long week although I never worried. God had brought me here and I knew he would bring me through it. It was cancer and I would need a lumpectomy. This made me search everything i could on breast cancer. I wanted to feel I had controll over some part of it.I switched to a plant based diet. I found a book crazy sexy cancer, Kris Carr . I learned the importance of juicing green cancer fighting vegtables. Juicing allows the nutrients to enter your blood steam instantly rather than smoothies that your body would need to digest first. while fighting desease you want to have less stress on the body so juicing is great. I admit it was tough at first. I was not willing to eat alot of these vegetables for the last 40 something years and now I am going to drink them? yes, I will say I now am addicted and often drink it at night as well because I crave it. I had the lumpectomy but the margins were not clear. They found more cancer that never showed up in the mammogram * Thank You Jesus. I did not mesh well with my oncologist so I got a new one and he felt I should see a plastic surgeon to discuss how he could make me look nicer after this ordeal since there would be more surgery. I agreed. Funny thing is I felt odd going to me a plastic surgeon is for vain people who do not want to age... I was so wrong. This doctor was a God send to me. His wife had gone through Breast cancer. He had them fax over my labs and sat and went over them with me in a way my oncologists had not. He told me lets focus on getting rid of the cancer then I can fix what needs to be fixed. I felt so sure at that moment I would be fine. God sent me to the right doctor. I had a mastectomy. I healed ahead of schedule. My doctor even felt it was due to my juicing. jump ahead a few months ..I had my reconstructive surgery 2 weeks ago. I was told I would need to wear my sports bra for about 4 weeks. I went to see him a week after the surgery and he said It was looking good and I could switch to a regular bra. The constant theme here is the healthy vegetables and fruit in my diet have had such healing properties. Please do not wait until you have a health issue. Love yourself enough to make changes in your diet today. ......p.s. I have not blogged in so long . No matter what I did I could not get the paragraphs to space. Sorry if it was difficult to read .

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Right Nutrition to Fight Cancer

So much has gone on in my life since my last post. I am sorry I have not been around. I was contacted by Jillian McKee . She had read my last post and wanted to share information through my blog. I feel so strongly that my diet has helped so much in my cancer walk that I had to agree. I will be back soon to fill you in on my story but now here is Jillian's words....... When you are diagnosed with cancer, you know that you are in for a fight. Between trying supplements and alternative treatments for mesothelioma, you are going to need energy just live your day to day life. One of the biggest symptoms of cancer has to deal with fatigue. When you suffer fatigue on a daily basis, your quality of life will suffer and you will lack the energy you need to do even basic tasks. When you are undergoing treatments to fight cancer, your doctor should explain to you that cancer-related fatigue is a very common side effect. If you know what to expect, you can fight the good fight. One way to battle the fatigue is to practice eating the right foods when you are diagnosed, going through treatment, and even when you are in remission. Realize the benefits of good nutrition when you have cancer and live a better quality of life that is not being affected by your treatments or your illness. How Can Nutrition Increase Your Energy Levels When You Are Suffering From Fatigue? When you are completely healthy, failing to eat the right foods can affect your health and your energy levels. Now, imagine going through treatments that are designed to kill cancerous cells and you can imagine just how important nutrition can be. Eating poorly can make your symptoms even worse and it is imperative to make sure that you are eating and drinking enough of the right foods and fluids. The key to increasing your energy levels when you are undergoing cancer treatments is to maximize your calorie intake and include proteins in your diet. Because many patients feel full and have difficulty swallowing, you will need to find ways that you can get the calories you need and the protein you need in smaller portions. Many dietitians who help cancer patients with eating problems will suggest that they try food additives, breakfast drinks, and powdered milk to get the protein they need for more energy. Improving Your Quality of Life While there is no super food that can cure cancer, there are super foods that can give your body the fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to fight infection. When you have cancer, the cancerous cells can weaken your immune system and even a common cold can take weeks to get over. If you want to strengthen your immune system, you will need to eat foods that a rich in Vitamin A, C, and E if you want to benefit from the health-promoting properties. Some foods include whole grains, nuts, seeds, salmon, and vegetables. The antioxidants in these foods can benefit you now and in the future and can even help prevent to recurrence of cancer when you are in remission. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are going to go through a roller coast of different emotions. After you get past the emotions, you need to take time to learning how to eat nutritious foods that will give you more energy and a stronger immune system.