Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's display chain is back!

I was so delighted to see Misi of 1890 Gable House musings is back! Perfect timing as I have been neglecting my blog and feeling like I would like to get back to it.

I love seeing every ones post and strongly encourage other bloggers to join in on the fun. Today's theme is Lion and the Lamb...lion being cat.
I just love sheep so this was a great theme in my eyes! A wonderful artist from Washington sculps these sheep from porcelain and then adds the wool. I wish I remembered his name...I can not make out the signature but I buy them at Homestead Primitives in Fitchburg Ma.

I love this picture I picked up at Country Plus in Hopkinton MA.
I love how it looks next to my collection of Putz sheep.
This picture hangs in my kitchen. I have it so long but still love it. It makes me think of the 23rd Psalm.
I love this little pin a friend gave me for Christmas. I keep it propt up to enjoy it even when I am not wearing him. I lost my old cat a bit back so this is the only one I had to contribute. I love a sleeping cat and this one is perfect for me as I hate a cat box!
This was fun and has me looking forward to Thursday to find out next weeks theme. Please link over to Gable house ( just click on the name) see the comments to follow the chain. Thanks Misi


  1. Love all of your sheep, especially the Putz. That is something I don't have one of! I like that picture too.

  2. Love all your sheet Audrey. Hope you are feeling better each day!

  3. Glad you are back to blogging. I just loved all of your sheep, so soothing. Sheep are so simple. Blessings and prayers ~Sara

  4. Hi, Audrey~ Terrific sheep collection~Love the picture from Country plus~Pretty kitty sleeping~
    Hugs & prayers~
    Happy Spring~

  5. Audrey,
    Happy to see you blogging! Big hugs, my friend.

  6. I love your collection of Puz Sheep. I also like the black sheep in the back of the barn. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-

  7. Love the big picture and those scupted sheep are adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. i like the psalm sheep pic too :)

  9. What a great collection of sheep! Love how you have them displayed!!! OLM

  10. You have such a beautiful collection of sheep! Love the faces! ;)

  11. Hello Audrey - I'm visiting here from Misi's display chain - and so glad I did - and glad I found you! Love, love, LOVE your post....You have some amazing sheep! Of course I love the Putz - but those crafted ones from the artist in Washington are incredible!! Wow!! After doing my post, I told myself "I have enough sheep" - but, gee, now I don't know....those are so, so, sweet!! Love the paintings too.... So glad you participated in the "chain gang." Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  12. I've missed you Audrey ! I have been missing your posts from the sharing of Hanna family moments to your prim treasures {{Hugs to you & your family}}
    This was a perfect theme for you to show us those fabulous porcelain/wool sheep.. I have never seen this artists work -oh my goodness they are beautiful and WoW !! Whata display you have arranged! Perfection!! Thank you so much for sharing along.. looking forward to a new spring with you friend XO
    ~ Misi

  13. :))) Am I so happy to find this posting of yours Audrey...truely enjoy them. I check alot....I mean a WHOLE LOT. :D Love your wonderful collection of sheep and the display of them. I too collect sheep, just adore their little faces. Both lamb and sheep pictures are wonderful, but I too love your 23 Psalm picture.

    Thinking of you. :)