Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Chain

Sprucing and springing is today's theme.Be sure to head over to Gable House Musings blog to follow the chain

I do not really decorate for the seasons but here are a few spring touches.

I love this time of year as the produce department seems to come to life. I have always loved fruits and vegetables but with a recent health scare I have decided to make big changes in my diet and eat only plant based meals. It is more for my need to have the feeling of control,it can only benefit me and my family.

I went out and bought a juicer this morning. I have always been one to eat my veggies and fruit but with all my recent reading I felt it would be a way to get the vegetables I do not eat but know they hold so many cancer fighting nutrients into me. I enjoy cooking and do not feel the need to follow recipes...I guess it isn't the same with juicing. My first attempt made 8 cups and it tasted like what fresh cut grass smells like! I did drink it all but I am sure a recipe will make it much more enjoyable...fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's display chain is back!

I was so delighted to see Misi of 1890 Gable House musings is back! Perfect timing as I have been neglecting my blog and feeling like I would like to get back to it.

I love seeing every ones post and strongly encourage other bloggers to join in on the fun. Today's theme is Lion and the Lamb...lion being cat.
I just love sheep so this was a great theme in my eyes! A wonderful artist from Washington sculps these sheep from porcelain and then adds the wool. I wish I remembered his name...I can not make out the signature but I buy them at Homestead Primitives in Fitchburg Ma.

I love this picture I picked up at Country Plus in Hopkinton MA.
I love how it looks next to my collection of Putz sheep.
This picture hangs in my kitchen. I have it so long but still love it. It makes me think of the 23rd Psalm.
I love this little pin a friend gave me for Christmas. I keep it propt up to enjoy it even when I am not wearing him. I lost my old cat a bit back so this is the only one I had to contribute. I love a sleeping cat and this one is perfect for me as I hate a cat box!
This was fun and has me looking forward to Thursday to find out next weeks theme. Please link over to Gable house ( just click on the name) see the comments to follow the chain. Thanks Misi