Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's me again...

It has been a long time since I have posted. My only real reason I stopped is because all I like to post about is when I find new things. I worried if that seemed shallow.
I received nice emails from people missing my posts and honestly when I read blogs it is to see stuff....I love to see what others get. I learn about items I may have not known about, get decorating ideas and it is just fun to share so I have decided I was silly thinking that way.
I went out with a friend on Friday and had so much fun . We went to Sage Farm Antiques 2ND annual cabin fever market. I had picked up a card for it and mentioned it to her and she was happy to take me. *Friends surly are a gift from God!!*

I first found a pestle and mortar for a steal. Yes there is a crack but this is how I was able to grab it with out a second thought. I like its shape and color.
So much to see and what a great turn out they had. I found a candle mold in a box full of different items. I only bought the mold since I do not have one like it.
I followed Lynda into a booth and as she found a wonderful early trivet I spotted this seat . I first thought it was for display but then spotted a tag. I love the early red paint and it is a great size~ Not to big for my table.

I was happy to find another item that the size made it just right for me...I tend to pick items larger than the space I have!
The tag said it was found in Maine and is signed. It was as it was found still quite dirty...I thought it was just gray until I walked out in the sun light and saw the wonderful mustard.
I picked up a pewter ink well and Lynda gave me a feather pen for it before I left her home.
I loved this show and hope to make it back for the next one.
We went to other antique shops and made a day of it. I found this great bottle at a shop and loved it.
I was thinking I would get amber glasses to go with it however I paired it with pewter goblets I own and like the look.
I picked up a candle stick . I love them and feel you , well I, can never have enough!
We stopped at a shop where I scored this reproduction sign for a great price. I love how worn it looks and of course it is not as bright of a red as the photo!
My home is coming together nicely. I am sure you can see how my taste has evolved over the past year. I have been fortunate enough to see so many wonderful homes through my job and of course many on line friends that I understand what look I want and am on the road to it. I sometimes think if only I had more money however the truth is the hunt is the most enjoyable part and so over night wouldn't be the same.
I am off to make my super bowl snacks. I do not really care about football but family time together is the best. Hope you enjoy your super bowl Sunday.


  1. Great finds, Audrey! Enjoy the family (and the snacks). Hope to see you soon! Have a great week!

  2. what wonderful finds. I too love looking at the collections of others. I don't think for one minute in our world it is bragging. I prefer to call it sharing.

  3. Wow -- what a great day of shopping you had! Love all your great finds!
    I am definitely a football fan -- and a Giants fan to boot! We are all very anxious at my house right now -- as the Super Bowl has just started.
    I like what Betty had to say about how in the prim world, it is sharing, not bragging!! How true that is! I so enjoy seeing all the great things people find and the way they decorate their homes. Keep the pics coming!!

  4. Audrey, I love all of your newest finds especially the cradle.

    It is always nice to see all my friends new decor as I get to share in the blessing.


  5. Audrey, what wonderful them all and I'm thrilled that you shared them with us...would love to see more pics as you evolve in your decorating!!

  6. Great findings! can't wait to see pictures of them with your collections.

  7. Ms. Audrey ~ Have a question for ya. If you don't post, are you saying you are willing to leave the girl(me) hanging? I always enjoy your post. Please keep sharing with us. I still consider myself new at this...will admit I've purchased quite a few things, but just don't know how to display them. Well, I do... which is why you and the other girls MUST post. ;D You see, it's girls like YOU and ME who enjoy this. I NEED the inspiration and know how. YES, I enjoy adopting ideas from others and tweaking it, making it my own!!! Because I wasn't colonial, country, nor once eclectic taste is REALLY ECLECTIC now. :DDD

    Great finds, Btw...Love each of them. So much to learn.

    Thanks for todays lesson...Love to have more. ;D


  8. Hi Audrey, I always love seeing what others find and how they decorate so I am glad you shared your finds!!

  9. Wonderful new treasures Audrey! Love them all.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  10. Hi, Audrey~
    Awesome gatherings~ love the seat~ like you enjoy seeing different ways to decorate & finds~ confession though girl I still drool over your buttery in the APP magazine~ giggles~ yes, if only had more $$$~
    have a wonderful day~

  11. Yeah it's been a few months girl, glad to see you back. You picked up some great pieces! Yes, the hunt is the best part about putting a home together, that's for sure!!

    I definitely agree with you on family is what it's all about, not the football lol. Have a great week~