Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a fun day out

There are many reasons I love working for A Primitive Place & Country Journal but the top reason is the wonderful people I meet. I have liked everyone I have met but sometimes you meet a person and have a instant connection. You talk with them like you have known them for years. This happened in the spring and we planned a day out together "hunting" in the summer. This day came Saturday. Donna was kind enough to drive the 2 hours to my home so we could hit my favorite spots. I planned out what route would get the most in but didn't worry as I knew being together would be the real fun. Donna arrived nice and early and we hit the road. Being Saturday we passed and stopped at many yard sales . Hit a few antique shops and ended the day going out for lunch. As usual I came home with the most after all I seem to have pack rat in my genes..lol
Here are my treasures.Pewter found at many yard sales and not much money spent...gotta love that!
A set of 6 for 15.00
This measure I picked up for $3.00.....great score!
I love the look of this candle holder and for $2.00
I picked up this sconce for 4.00 ,it is copper and made me think of child hood memories putting pennies on the railroad tracks with my best friend Allison.
This was my favorite purchase bought at a shop rather than tag sale still I got a great deal and it was a tax free day.Turn of the century piece that just came from a private collection so it hasn't been on the market in over 40 years.

It was such a fun time I can hardly wait to get together again.