Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful finds

Yesterday was my first time out at the flea market. I am not sure if I am just more selective now that I have so much or if it was just not the best day out. I saw a wonderful pewter plate but felt for that price I would pass. If I were at my favorite antique shop I know I would have bought it but out in a field with bargains all around I couldn't do it.I did find 2 small wooden bowls and at the cost of $3.00 for both I have them.
I walked around and enjoyed the fresh morning air. My favorite guy to buy from was there. His routine is to park his white van in the same spot and then to go hunting for himself . all the regulars start to hit the tables near his spot and wait. once he comes back he opens the back doors of his van and as fast as he and helpers take out the boxes people grab them. it is a frenzy...I just stepped back and watched and I decided he couldn't have anything I needed that bad and I walked away. Maybe it was because it was mothers day and I was just happy...I am sure in no time I will be back in the swing and grabbing at boxes again. I left the flea market with just my bowls and headed to Walmart to grab a plant for my mother...I had already bought her gifts and one was a planter with cardinals on it. I just waited till the last minute to get the plant.I am sure you do not care about that information but my mother does read my blog and I wouldn't want her to think she was a after thought!! LOL...
It was a very nice Mothers day spent with my mom, two of my children and a wonderful phone conversation with my daughter who is away at college.
Today I had a feeling I would find a treasure if I headed to a favorite shopping spot. Mom being a great sport said Let's go! I first spotted this piece that although it is not in perfect condition,it is good enough for me...

I like it just on a shelf but think how it will look full of red geraniums.
I then saw these 2 tin candle them.
Just as I was about to leave I spotted this...
I left quite happy. not wanting the fun to end we hit 2 more shops. I did pick up the candles for my new candle sticks...saw great things.Fell in love with a early rocking horse but didn't have the 995.00 to bring it home.
As we headed off to find lunch I spotted a place new to us,,,,so happy I did.
I bought these 2 wonderful mats.
I love the colors and thought how great my new candle sticks would look on them.
I also was attracted to this old shoe form,so worn.

What a great price I got on this wooden display box. It has a sliding glass front.
I plan to start collecting putz sheep and thought it would be perfect for it. It was a fun filled day and I love what I found. It isn't every day you find so many things you like enough to buy and can afford to.


  1. Wonderful finds Audrey!! I love how your candle sticks look on your new mats!

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  2. Great finds, but I LOVE the noodle board!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time out and about with your mom. 3 bucks for both of the wooden bowls is a great price! Funny how those mats are perfect for your candlesticks... like they were just waiting for you to buy them, lol! You picked up some great goodies, girl! I enjoyed looking at it all. Have a delightful week~

  4. Great finds, Audrey. I love that display box with the glass! It will be perfect for Putz sheep.

  5. Wonderful stove board & candle holders. Wood bowls are something I can't pass up. You got a great price on your buy. The display box will look great with sheep. Blessings!

  6. Awesome finds Audrey - the wall box is great and I know you will have fun finding just the right putz for it too. I'll keep my eyes open for you as well. Everything is great and what a deal on the bowls!!

    I am glad that you were able to find some treasures and enjoy some time with your mom. I used to do that with my mom and I really miss it now. You are a good daughter!!

    Hugs my friend!

  7. Audrey ~ Wonderful finds, Love everything. The box is super cute....something tells me it NOT going to be big enough though for those many PUTZ you will soon collect. Just my 2 cent worth. ;DDDD Enjoy.