Thursday, April 14, 2011

so much to catch up on....

Sorry "life" has kept me away. with the exception of breaking my crown (tooth) and having to have it extracted all has been well. My mouth is now fine but my pocketbook is still in pain.

I have been out and about with friends which is always a wonderful time ,and getting back into my rug hooking.I tend to do my rug hooking in spring and summer while I sit for long periods of time at the skate park and ball field.
I just finished reading my friend Kris blog post and she gave such good information want to share the link.Just click on her name to bring you over to her blog.

I like to buy old wool skirts and strip them to build my stash.It is time consuming but so worth it when I want to throw together a project. I use a Bliss cutter. I bought mine before the price increase ...185.00 crazy??that is a good price if you price them now.
I have been busy filling this large basket.
I still have these 2 boxes to go..
I had a wood frame that used tacks to keep the linen on while I hooked but I just bought this new frame and I love it! If you click on the word frame it will bring you to the ebay listing.The quality of this frame is wonderful. It has free shipping but of course it is the slow shipping!!
It is sanded so smoothly. and I love how it came with this tool .
I just finished this runner.

Tuesday I headed out with Linda(Behind my red door) and another friend ,non blogger for a fun day of shopping. It is such fun to poke around at new places. I came across this small pestle and mortar and knew it would be perfect for my small step back.
I just love the patina...I am having fun looking for smalls just for this cabinet. Friday I was out with a different friend and found a wonderful old top but left it in her car so I cannot show you it.
Saturday was *antiques in the barn spring sale* at Waters Tavern in Sutton MA. I picked up my good friend Cathy and we headed over to Kathy's home...Love having friends with all the same names..I have a few friends named Kathy and many Bobs in my life!! ....we hit the road early. It was my first time and oh my was I delighted. Her are a few pictures from the day.
Her home and property are just beautiful!!

I get caught up in the moment so I am not good at getting pictures but if you are interested I saw Doreen at the show and know she took pictures..look for them on the Walker Homestead site.
Here are my treasures from the day.
Early red dough box

Rag tag the broken sides!!

and this is a reproduction pewter flask but I love it.

As You can see I have been having a lot of fun and "found" many treasures . I am truly Blessed to have so many amazing women in my life and a kind, generous husband.I hope all is well with you.