Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday chain

Once again I am joining in on Tuesday chain hosted by Misi. Please click on her name to take you over to her blog. After reading her great post ,scroll down to the comments to see all the other great blogs taking part.

It is such a great theme this week....my obsession? I have so many!!! I wanted to come up with something I have not shared before.
I live in a small old town. Ashby was first settled in 1676 and was officially incorporated in 1767.

This makes for wonderful yard sales. I happened upon one and became good friends with the family. I have since attended weddings and baby showers of the family members...yes the friendship is the best find at the yard sale.
The Father in law has since passed on so I guess the couple who are older with their children raised with children felt it was time to clean out the home a bit.
I have bought many things over time from them but the post cards are my favorite.
I bought them in a large zip lock bag but keep them in this old jewelry box I have.

They are from the father in laws childhood and are written on the back. From a wonderful time when people cared enough to send a greeting to loved ones.

This is one of my favorites because my parents had and loved their Ford Model T

I love the sentiment on this one..

They span over a few years as seen by the calender backing on one and the post mark on another.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Enjoy your day,stay warm and safe.


  1. You found the best of all finds....FRIENDSHIP!

  2. What a wonderful obsession you have. These are all very precious and friendship's can start in all places..because they truly start in your heart!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Audrey.

    These are so sweet to look at and extra special because you know their origin. It's so fun thumbing through them at flea markets and reading the sentiments. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. I adore old paper ephermea! Soo nostalgic and pretty! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. What a beautiful connection to the past. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi, Audrey
    I am beginning to realize all of us prim girls really>> really like the same things & we think alike! Love your post! So many pretties>>so interesting!
    enjoy the day

  7. I, too, love old postcards!! As a part of my hometown's historical society, I have been collecting old postcards from the village. Many names on them I recognize -- and even found one that I think was sent to my dad! It's so much fun!! I will donate the postcards to the village once I fill up the special postcard album that I have. (I'm sure some will not make their way into the book!) LOVE the postcards you have shared!

  8. LOve the postcards!!! I have a few myself!
    Must say, heart stopped for a second when you said you live in a small town called Ashby, my sil lives in a small town called ashby too, though she's in MN.... Thanks for sharing. OLM

  9. Yard sales..gotta love them!..The opportunity to make new friendships and score some great treasures & These are beautiful postcards..It was a lovely gift {{HUG}} Thanks for sharing along

  10. What wonderful treasures you found at that yard sale - friendship and goodies!! I love the old postcards. It must be fun to sit and read them and wonder about the folks that wrote them and received them!!

  11. You have a great collection of old post cards! I have a few for Valentine's. Don't you just love the nostalgia!


  12. How neat to go to a garage sale and end up with a friendship! I love looking at old postcards when I go antiquing. I could get lost in them for hours! The vintage graphics are amazing. You have an awesome collection!

  13. Audrey, I got my copy of APP Spring 2011 edition today and to see your home inside was amazing. You have such a beautiful home and such a talent for decorating. I am exactly in the same boat as you with not having any family heirlooms passed down to me as my grandparents never really kept anything old other than some old crocks which yes that is an honour to have of theirs. So I agree with you on being drawn to other's family heirlooms.
    Great job and congratulations on your home in the APP Spring 2011 edition!