Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday chain

Once again I am joining in on Tuesday chain hosted by Misi. Please click on her name to take you over to her blog. After reading her great post ,scroll down to the comments to see all the other great blogs taking part.

It is such a great theme this week....my obsession? I have so many!!! I wanted to come up with something I have not shared before.
I live in a small old town. Ashby was first settled in 1676 and was officially incorporated in 1767.

This makes for wonderful yard sales. I happened upon one and became good friends with the family. I have since attended weddings and baby showers of the family members...yes the friendship is the best find at the yard sale.
The Father in law has since passed on so I guess the couple who are older with their children raised with children felt it was time to clean out the home a bit.
I have bought many things over time from them but the post cards are my favorite.
I bought them in a large zip lock bag but keep them in this old jewelry box I have.

They are from the father in laws childhood and are written on the back. From a wonderful time when people cared enough to send a greeting to loved ones.

This is one of my favorites because my parents had and loved their Ford Model T

I love the sentiment on this one..

They span over a few years as seen by the calender backing on one and the post mark on another.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Enjoy your day,stay warm and safe.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday chain

It is time again to take part in MISI"S chain.Just click on her name to take you over,check her comments and enjoy.
This weeks theme is stitched with love. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderul items people post.
I have choosen a stitchery Pillow I, recieved as a Birthday gift from Kris.any know her from her blog (click on her name) APP forum as well as the wonderful crafts she does in A PRIMITIVE PLACE magazine. I love the colors ,she did a wonderful job!

I also have one done by another dear friend who isn't on line. I love stitcheries but it is not something I make.
Here is just 2 items my mother has stitched up for me....
a little pillow I made.
I made a wool runner for the blanket chest at the end of our bed and added a special little touch...
I'll leave you with a very special stitched with love item. Hospice was kind enough to use my fathers clothes to make night shirts for a little bear for each of us. It means the world to me.
It is a cold snowy/icy day at my home. All but hubby are safe at home. I hope you are warm and safe and surrounded by love.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My latest finds....

Just wanted to share a few new to me treasures. last week I ended up at a consignment shop I do not usually go to due to it's location. I "found" this wonderful piece. I call it a cutting board I have also seen it called a peel....I just know I love it. The patina is so warm.

Another wonderful addition was a love present from my husband. He said when he saw it he knew I would love it..... He was right!!!
Here is a close up so you can see the texture....
Today my daughter went out hunting with me. We enjoyed the day together so my items are just a bonus...I found these 2 little lights quite reasonably priced at a consignment shop. I seem to have a weakness for lighting. I am happy to have bought them but will admit I have many lamps and electric candles tucked away in closets and cabinets...lol I am sure I am not alone.

As I paid for them I spotted across the room hanging from the ceiling( which is why I had originally walked by without seeing it)this wonderful piece...

I feel like I have seen one before but have not had luck on my on line search...if you know who sells them please let me know. I would love to know how well I did.

The last thing I wanted to share is best described as making lemon aide from lemons! I had seen dried carrots at a photo shoot I was on back in October. I loved them however when I searched on line and saw what the sell for I couldn't get past what I pay for fresh carrots in the grocery store. I decided I would just put them on a cookie sheet in a low temp over. I then went off to bed. I dreamed of fresh baked bread and then finally awoke to the entire home smelling of baked bread...quite yummy smelling.However it was way to long as the carrots look like this...
I am kinda quirky and think they look neat so I put them in a old blue canning jar and added them to my buttery!
Until next time,Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's display chain

Once again the Tuesaday display chain hosted by Misi has begun. Be sure to stop on over at Gables house Musing and read the comments to find others taking part.
I have been meaning to post all day but am under the weather so time had gotten away from me.
Although I have yet to officially decorate my home for a Valentines theme,here are a few Hearts around my home.

This one is a favorite heart. It has a baby picture of my Mother on it.

I am Blessed to share my life with my true love and to be reminded of it each day as I drive down my street.....