Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a fun day out

There are many reasons I love working for A Primitive Place & Country Journal but the top reason is the wonderful people I meet. I have liked everyone I have met but sometimes you meet a person and have a instant connection. You talk with them like you have known them for years. This happened in the spring and we planned a day out together "hunting" in the summer. This day came Saturday. Donna was kind enough to drive the 2 hours to my home so we could hit my favorite spots. I planned out what route would get the most in but didn't worry as I knew being together would be the real fun. Donna arrived nice and early and we hit the road. Being Saturday we passed and stopped at many yard sales . Hit a few antique shops and ended the day going out for lunch. As usual I came home with the most after all I seem to have pack rat in my genes..lol
Here are my treasures.Pewter found at many yard sales and not much money spent...gotta love that!
A set of 6 for 15.00
This measure I picked up for $3.00.....great score!
I love the look of this candle holder and for $2.00
I picked up this sconce for 4.00 ,it is copper and made me think of child hood memories putting pennies on the railroad tracks with my best friend Allison.
This was my favorite purchase bought at a shop rather than tag sale still I got a great deal and it was a tax free day.Turn of the century piece that just came from a private collection so it hasn't been on the market in over 40 years.

It was such a fun time I can hardly wait to get together again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's new???

I am the first to admit I am not a great blogger. I so enjoy reading about others adventures but when I go out and about I am to caught up in the moment to take pictures. The next thing i enjoy reading about is decorating and projects so I will fill you in with whats new at my home.
We built our home in 1999. At that time my taste was country. Blue being my favorite color. I choose my floor in a white laminate that had faux grey grout and blue in each corner to create a quilt pattern. Just lovely and it went so well with the blue counter tops and blue carpet. I also had a beautiful pale yellow sofa then. Needless to say my taste has changed but until something breaks there is no sense in replacing appliances. We still have children at home and are a one income family.
Whoo hoo my refrigerator went....yes I was upset at the expense but God is good and had it happen at a time when I had the cash to go out and replace it. I never liked the side by side I had. I cannot tell you how many times I hit my elbow on the door as it was never quite wide enough. My teenagers joke about me yelling out I hate this refrigerator!!! My husband picked it out and has never heard the end of it LOL....
Being a family of 5 plus my Mother here everyday,(That is a Blessing).We needed a refrigerator right away. I was fortunate enough to find a floor model being discontinued. It was a model that wouldn't be in my price range any other time....more proof God is good!! I love it.
My dishwasher has not worked well for awhile so I no longer used it....good reason to replace it as well....not to mention the box made a wonderful play house!
I also am waiting on a stove due to be delivered on August 10th. This of course made the white floor SCREAM!!! My wonderful Hubby spent yesterday,our anniversary replacing it. What a wonderful gift.

Oh and I also replaced my old sofa,not the yellow it has been gone for a while now...with this wonderful piece from ANGEL HOUSE DESIGNS.
A close up of the fabric...
My pockets are empty but I am so pleased with the changes. I hope all is well in your life.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Magazine preview

Fall 2011 Issue
With this issue, we commemorate the one year anniversary of A Primitive Place magazine! To celebrate, we have incorporated some exciting new changes! The first change that you may have noticed already is the addition of Country Journal to our name. We are... very excited about the new name, the new look and the additional content. A Primitive Place & Country Journal will be what A Primitive Place was plus more! We have added more pages to an already great magazine! With the addition of the new name, we have added a new section. In our new Homesteading section, we will be offering practical advice on gardening, food, health, saving money and overall, ways to achieve a simpler way of life, for both the urban and country lifestyle. In this issue you will read about canning & stocking your pantry, the history of the butter churn, how to make homemade butter, harvesting & freezing apples, using coupons to save money & “The Homesteader’s Journal.” In this issue, the article in “The Homesteader’s Journal is entitled “River Cats: Reeling on the Red.” We will feature a different story or showcase a special event in each issue that will be directed a little bit more towards the men out there. See More
By: A Primitive Place

It is going to be a great issue!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful finds

Yesterday was my first time out at the flea market. I am not sure if I am just more selective now that I have so much or if it was just not the best day out. I saw a wonderful pewter plate but felt for that price I would pass. If I were at my favorite antique shop I know I would have bought it but out in a field with bargains all around I couldn't do it.I did find 2 small wooden bowls and at the cost of $3.00 for both I have them.
I walked around and enjoyed the fresh morning air. My favorite guy to buy from was there. His routine is to park his white van in the same spot and then to go hunting for himself . all the regulars start to hit the tables near his spot and wait. once he comes back he opens the back doors of his van and as fast as he and helpers take out the boxes people grab them. it is a frenzy...I just stepped back and watched and I decided he couldn't have anything I needed that bad and I walked away. Maybe it was because it was mothers day and I was just happy...I am sure in no time I will be back in the swing and grabbing at boxes again. I left the flea market with just my bowls and headed to Walmart to grab a plant for my mother...I had already bought her gifts and one was a planter with cardinals on it. I just waited till the last minute to get the plant.I am sure you do not care about that information but my mother does read my blog and I wouldn't want her to think she was a after thought!! LOL...
It was a very nice Mothers day spent with my mom, two of my children and a wonderful phone conversation with my daughter who is away at college.
Today I had a feeling I would find a treasure if I headed to a favorite shopping spot. Mom being a great sport said Let's go! I first spotted this piece that although it is not in perfect condition,it is good enough for me...

I like it just on a shelf but think how it will look full of red geraniums.
I then saw these 2 tin candle sticks...love them.
Just as I was about to leave I spotted this...
I left quite happy. not wanting the fun to end we hit 2 more shops. I did pick up the candles for my new candle sticks...saw great things.Fell in love with a early rocking horse but didn't have the 995.00 to bring it home.
As we headed off to find lunch I spotted a place new to us,,,,so happy I did.
I bought these 2 wonderful mats.
I love the colors and thought how great my new candle sticks would look on them.
I also was attracted to this old shoe form,so worn.

What a great price I got on this wooden display box. It has a sliding glass front.
I plan to start collecting putz sheep and thought it would be perfect for it. It was a fun filled day and I love what I found. It isn't every day you find so many things you like enough to buy and can afford to.

Monday, May 2, 2011

one year behind us....

Today marks one year since my father died. In so many ways it seems like only yesterday. Our hearts are heavy as we miss him so much but so grateful he no longer suffers any pain.
My father had a good sense of humor one of his traits I am so pleased to have. He was stern when needed. Taught us good values. He was not without fault as he was human . I am proud he was my Daddy .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

so much to catch up on....

Sorry "life" has kept me away. with the exception of breaking my crown (tooth) and having to have it extracted all has been well. My mouth is now fine but my pocketbook is still in pain.

I have been out and about with friends which is always a wonderful time ,and getting back into my rug hooking.I tend to do my rug hooking in spring and summer while I sit for long periods of time at the skate park and ball field.
I just finished reading my friend Kris blog post and she gave such good information want to share the link.Just click on her name to bring you over to her blog.

I like to buy old wool skirts and strip them to build my stash.It is time consuming but so worth it when I want to throw together a project. I use a Bliss cutter. I bought mine before the price increase ...185.00 crazy??that is a good price if you price them now.
I have been busy filling this large basket.
I still have these 2 boxes to go..
I had a wood frame that used tacks to keep the linen on while I hooked but I just bought this new frame and I love it! If you click on the word frame it will bring you to the ebay listing.The quality of this frame is wonderful. It has free shipping but of course it is the slow shipping!!
It is sanded so smoothly. and I love how it came with this tool .
I just finished this runner.

Tuesday I headed out with Linda(Behind my red door) and another friend ,non blogger for a fun day of shopping. It is such fun to poke around at new places. I came across this small pestle and mortar and knew it would be perfect for my small step back.
I just love the patina...I am having fun looking for smalls just for this cabinet. Friday I was out with a different friend and found a wonderful old top but left it in her car so I cannot show you it.
Saturday was *antiques in the barn spring sale* at Waters Tavern in Sutton MA. I picked up my good friend Cathy and we headed over to Kathy's home...Love having friends with all the same names..I have a few friends named Kathy and many Bobs in my life!! ....we hit the road early. It was my first time and oh my was I delighted. Her are a few pictures from the day.
Her home and property are just beautiful!!

I get caught up in the moment so I am not good at getting pictures but if you are interested I saw Doreen at the show and know she took pictures..look for them on the Walker Homestead site.
Here are my treasures from the day.
Early red dough box

Rag tag trencher...love the broken sides!!

and this is a reproduction pewter flask but I love it.

As You can see I have been having a lot of fun and "found" many treasures . I am truly Blessed to have so many amazing women in my life and a kind, generous husband.I hope all is well with you.