Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a wonderful day. My hope is that you have a safe place to be with plenty to eat and many to love.
I am so Thankful for many blessings in my life. Wonderful friends made on line. Great blogs to peek inside others lives and to learn so much from them.

I am Thankful for the magazine and it's success.

The wonderful time I spend with Linda, Bonnie and Ashley. The amazing homes and people we meet.

I am Thankful that my Thanksgiving will include my daughter and Her wonderful girlfriend Jess.I miss them so much when they are away at College but so Thankful they can get a great education.

I am thankful for silly things like my favorite t.v. show still being played today on this holiday.

Thankful for a remote so I can switch back and forth to the dog show....

The secret to happiness is being happy with what you have.
I have always been a "glass half full" kinda gal but I must say, I really believe my cup runs over.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesdays chain post....

Once again it is Tuesday...Misi's theme this week is" You light up my life". One of my favorite songs from youth as well a a perfect theme for this time of year.
Not only is it dark a bit earlier but the chilly temps have me back into my routine of a hot evening bath by candle light. Such a treat after a long day.
Here are a few shots around my home.
I enjoy the electric candles. beauty without fear of fire. They make so many different styles now but the ones with the fine silicone tip is m favorite.

I also love the plug in ones to light a spot.

This mirror sconce is a favorite of mine and comes to life with the flicker of a real candle.I.t holds only one but is reflected a few times.

What better than a scented candle to fill the home with a welcoming aroma.

Hope you enjoyed my lights, I am off to see all of yours.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Display chain

I missed taking part in the chain last week and didn't want to skip another week.
I have just begun to pull out my crafts from last year in order to prep for this years fairs. I am hoping it will lift my spirits and put me in the right frame of mind for the up coming Holidays.
My father passed away May 2 and I am feeling like I would like to skip all the traditional holidays. It feels like with out him why bother.
I know it is normal to feel this way and I do know the true reason I celebrate is the birth of my savior Jesus Christ. I am reminded of his love every day.
We have had cold temps ,frost and snow already but as I looked out my window this morning I saw Gods work.

There was a beautiful Clematis blossom. It is on a vine that looks dead next to hydrangeas burned by frost.

To me this is a God wink. a reminder that to everything a season.
I am grateful my father is no longer suffering and I am grateful I had so many wonderful years with him. I am just human and miss him dearly.

Well back to the chain , here are a few crafts of mine.

I will be pulling out my supplies and sewing up mice and bears and all that is wonderful for a holiday fair. I will put on a happy face and remember how truly blessed I am.
Thank you for allowing me to share my good days and hard days. I am blessed to have you all as friends.