Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walker Homestead show

I had the best time. I went to the show in June and it was great however the show yesterday was even better!!! I can hardly wait till the next time. The writing is on the wall as far as I am concerned that this will be "the show to go to" in MA.
Well worth the trip if you need to travel to it.

I went yesterday as part of the APP staff to judge the best booth. Sounds easy until you see just how wonderful each booth was. Everyone did an amazing job.
I am never good at taking pictures but that is magnified when I am with my friends who take a billion pictures. I think oh I will just look at the ones they take.
Not a good decision if you want to blog!

Here are what pictures I did take....

My pictures do not do the show justice and are only a few random shots of what was there.
I loved sitting at the A Primitive Place table and watching the people go by with all the great purchases. Kristine , the Editor came out from North Dakota for the show as well as Kris , the project coordinator coming from Ohio. The rest of us are from Ma. It was wonderful being together are only regret was that Dan couldn't join us. There is always next year.


  1. LOVE every photo! Thank you for sharing such sweet treasures :)
    Hope your Sunday is perfect~

  2. In the third picture down ..the hanging prim santas
    who makes those ?
    I love them .

  3. I am working on getting that information for you. I remeber the santas well. The faces were great, just wish I was tall and skinny like they were!!!