Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sutton Antique show

Today I went to the Sutton Antique Fair. Although it is in it's 5Th year it was my first time to go. It will not be my last!
I took the back roads and it was a lovely drive. I passed through Sterling which was having their town wide yard sale. I was in a hurry but something made me turn around and check the table set up on the common. It was your basic yard sale, coffee mugs,mismatched dishes, Christmas ornaments. Then I spotted this large wooden bowl. As I inquired the price I saw six pewter goblets. I just love them and at 6.25 for all it was worth the stop.

Back on the road again. I had never been to Sutton before but enjoyed the ride there . I saw many pretty homes along the way and spotted tree's just starting to turn.
Fall is in the air. I pulled on my jean jacket as I got out of the car. First time I have needed it .
The common was beautiful and the booths were wonderful.

I ran into a few old friends and made some new ones.

These are the treasures I came home with.

I spent a WHOLE LOT MORE than I did at that yard sale ,however I am very happy with what I found.
I have never seen such a small jug like this one. The bottom is signed and dated. On the front is a 2, R R Norton & co, worcestor Mass

I love the finish on the stool and the little draw in front.
The red ware piece is a Turtle creek piece, better known as David T. Smith.

If you ever get a chance to go to this show , my thoughts are you should!!
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


  1. I am soo jealous! All of those fun shows nearby! Looks like you got some great finds.

  2. Okay, we ALL need to do this one next year!! This looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love what you found too!!

  3. SCORE!! Love it all, Audrey!


  4. Audrey!
    You got some great stuff! I loved the vendor's booth in that last picture....don't think I could have gone home without something from there!
    Thanks for sharing your pics!