Monday, September 6, 2010

My latest finds

I went to my favorite flea market yesterday with my husband. I haven't gone often this season but He suggested we go and I am so glad he did!
WE left at 6 a.m. coffee in hand and wearing a sweat shirt. Finally a cool day.
Not much action going on at first probably due to the holiday. My favorite seller, Zack. He has a van he parks in the same spot and then walks around looking at other tables. This makes his followers crazy with anticipation. They all circle his van until he shows up ,opens the back and as he starts to take out boxes they take them from him and start digging. It is crazy. My first time there I stood back and watched in amazement. Now I dig in knowing "You snooze,You loose".
I have been buying from him for some time now so I know to collect all I find and wait until he is ready and ask for a price.Many yell to him or ask item by item.Not the way to do it. My loot this week cost me 20.00. I love that guy!!!

We put the box in my car and walked around some more. I spot these 2 chairs and am in love. I casually walk over and look at the tag. 35.00 okay I would pay that for each chair they are in great condition. a little Murphy's soap and a swipe of restore a finish and they will be perfect. The man says I will take 20.00, I then realize he means for both!!! Woo Hoo I got that bill out so fast.

I get them loaded in the car thinking we are leaving and Robert says let's take one more stroll. You see although we are there as the gates open all the dealers straggle in and so you have to go a few times to see everyone.
I spot a set up with a great old wood cabinet. wonderful but big and I have no place for it. It makes me head over to it only to spot a mirror covered in dirt so much I cannot see how the glass is.It had been pulled out of a old barn the day before. They had at one time started to strip it but there is texture left. Great lines on the frame . He says 10.00 hmmm ( I want it!!) I say well let me see what else you have and spot a nice little table that is solid wood and just needs to be polished he says 15.00 so I say 20.00 for both...Sold.

I had such great luck but I guess my great find of the day was a brown wool blanket in excellent shape. I paid 25 cents for it. Oh how I love the flea market.


  1. I LOVE flea markets too! You got some awesome deals.

  2. Looks like you had a bundle of great bargains. Love the chairs!

  3. Love the chairs- what a great deal for you lucky girl!

  4. WOW! You did good, girl! Those chairs, mirror and table are especially awesome! And you got them all for a great price! All the other little things are like the icing on the cake! It was your lucky day for sure!

    Have a great week!

  5. Audrey,

    As they say..."Dawn breaks over (a) Marblehead!" All this time I have followed your blog and never realized it was yours. DUH!!! Aren't ya glad you got to finally meet this dodo? Seriously, it was so much fun on Saturday, I was happy to meet you, and now I will pay even closer attention!

    What a great deal you got on the chairs! Some year I may try to find Brimfield....

    Have a great week...