Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brimfield week

Took my Mother to Brimfield yesterday. Her first time and she wasn't disappointed.Show runs through the 12th so if you can make it,it is a wonderful experience.
Here are a few booths that stole my heart.

What a beautiful quilt , just one of many we saw.


  1. So gorgeous and so expensive huh??! Your heart has great taste!!

  2. Oh my! I have been reading about Brimfield for many years and have always wanted to go. But it's only about a thousand miles away! LOL! What a blessing to be able to go in person!

    I'll take all of those teddy bears, the samplers, the trunks and the furniture! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

    Have a happy day!

  3. Hi Audrey...i gues I would have been just as pleased as your mother!
    Wow...what a show.


  4. Audrey,

    Thanks for letting us take a peek at some of the booths.. so we can drool and dream of owning those wonderful antiques !

    Love those cupboards and wooden bowls.

    I hope to get there one of these days. My friend lives in Stafford Springs, CT not far from there. That is a nice quaint little town with a wonderful bed and breakfast in an historic 1700's home, Angelina's Innkeeper's Place. LaFayette had stayed there. The wood floors in this bed and breakfast are warped from time.. just awesome !