Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's display chain

I am following Misi's lead with a Tuesday display chain. I loved hers and hope you too will join in the fun.

I hope you enjoyed these few shots from around my home. I am looking forward to seeing yours. Be sure to link back to Misi's blog so we can all enjoy them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walker Homestead show

I had the best time. I went to the show in June and it was great however the show yesterday was even better!!! I can hardly wait till the next time. The writing is on the wall as far as I am concerned that this will be "the show to go to" in MA.
Well worth the trip if you need to travel to it.

I went yesterday as part of the APP staff to judge the best booth. Sounds easy until you see just how wonderful each booth was. Everyone did an amazing job.
I am never good at taking pictures but that is magnified when I am with my friends who take a billion pictures. I think oh I will just look at the ones they take.
Not a good decision if you want to blog!

Here are what pictures I did take....

My pictures do not do the show justice and are only a few random shots of what was there.
I loved sitting at the A Primitive Place table and watching the people go by with all the great purchases. Kristine , the Editor came out from North Dakota for the show as well as Kris , the project coordinator coming from Ohio. The rest of us are from Ma. It was wonderful being together are only regret was that Dan couldn't join us. There is always next year.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sutton Antique show

Today I went to the Sutton Antique Fair. Although it is in it's 5Th year it was my first time to go. It will not be my last!
I took the back roads and it was a lovely drive. I passed through Sterling which was having their town wide yard sale. I was in a hurry but something made me turn around and check the table set up on the common. It was your basic yard sale, coffee mugs,mismatched dishes, Christmas ornaments. Then I spotted this large wooden bowl. As I inquired the price I saw six pewter goblets. I just love them and at 6.25 for all it was worth the stop.

Back on the road again. I had never been to Sutton before but enjoyed the ride there . I saw many pretty homes along the way and spotted tree's just starting to turn.
Fall is in the air. I pulled on my jean jacket as I got out of the car. First time I have needed it .
The common was beautiful and the booths were wonderful.

I ran into a few old friends and made some new ones.

These are the treasures I came home with.

I spent a WHOLE LOT MORE than I did at that yard sale ,however I am very happy with what I found.
I have never seen such a small jug like this one. The bottom is signed and dated. On the front is a 2, R R Norton & co, worcestor Mass

I love the finish on the stool and the little draw in front.
The red ware piece is a Turtle creek piece, better known as David T. Smith.

If you ever get a chance to go to this show , my thoughts are you should!!
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brimfield week

Took my Mother to Brimfield yesterday. Her first time and she wasn't disappointed.Show runs through the 12th so if you can make it,it is a wonderful experience.
Here are a few booths that stole my heart.

What a beautiful quilt , just one of many we saw.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My latest finds

I went to my favorite flea market yesterday with my husband. I haven't gone often this season but He suggested we go and I am so glad he did!
WE left at 6 a.m. coffee in hand and wearing a sweat shirt. Finally a cool day.
Not much action going on at first probably due to the holiday. My favorite seller, Zack. He has a van he parks in the same spot and then walks around looking at other tables. This makes his followers crazy with anticipation. They all circle his van until he shows up ,opens the back and as he starts to take out boxes they take them from him and start digging. It is crazy. My first time there I stood back and watched in amazement. Now I dig in knowing "You snooze,You loose".
I have been buying from him for some time now so I know to collect all I find and wait until he is ready and ask for a price.Many yell to him or ask item by item.Not the way to do it. My loot this week cost me 20.00. I love that guy!!!

We put the box in my car and walked around some more. I spot these 2 chairs and am in love. I casually walk over and look at the tag. 35.00 okay I would pay that for each chair they are in great condition. a little Murphy's soap and a swipe of restore a finish and they will be perfect. The man says I will take 20.00, I then realize he means for both!!! Woo Hoo I got that bill out so fast.

I get them loaded in the car thinking we are leaving and Robert says let's take one more stroll. You see although we are there as the gates open all the dealers straggle in and so you have to go a few times to see everyone.
I spot a set up with a great old wood cabinet. wonderful but big and I have no place for it. It makes me head over to it only to spot a mirror covered in dirt so much I cannot see how the glass is.It had been pulled out of a old barn the day before. They had at one time started to strip it but there is texture left. Great lines on the frame . He says 10.00 hmmm ( I want it!!) I say well let me see what else you have and spot a nice little table that is solid wood and just needs to be polished he says 15.00 so I say 20.00 for both...Sold.

I had such great luck but I guess my great find of the day was a brown wool blanket in excellent shape. I paid 25 cents for it. Oh how I love the flea market.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Wool

Boy oh boy has it been hot. Sunday we brought our daughter Allison to college. What a hot and humid day to be moving. This is our oldest so we had no idea what was in store. Hurry up and wait seemed to be the theme of the day. Although she had a set move in time so did so many others. We loaded her items into a big bin and then waited in a line that went at a snails pace. They provided cold water thankfully.

After getting things into her room we toured the campus and then enjoyed a B.B.Q.

I will miss her but know this is a great fit for her.
My boys started school, one on Tuesday and the oldest today. However they came home with notes sating due to the heat they will be dismissed early tomorrow.They already had Friday and Monday off so it leaves one thinking why did they go in before Labor day????
Fortunately I made the most of my freedom....I mean free time ;) today. I picked up my Mom and we headed to our favorite quilt shop. The Quilted Crow in Boxborough.What a wonderful shop, a wool lovers dream.They have a great selection of Punch needle supplies and beautiful fabrics.

As you can see it is a wonderful shop. Please visit it if you can and if you are to far away be sure to check out the web site.
I of course did my part to stimulate the economy. I was able to pick up the new book "Comfort Zone" by Maggie Bonanomi. I picked up some wonderful wool to start a project from the new book as well as 3 fat quarters for another project.

What a wonderful time we had there so we headed over to my favorite Antique shop next.

So many wonderful things to see and covet there.
We headed out to lunch and then home to to greet the boys.

I had a great visit with my friend Linda last week. We headed off to a few great shops in my area. Linda blogged about our day and mentioned my home. This made me think I should post a few pictures.
My dining room is my favorite room in the house. It is bright and a favorite spot to do handy work

A few shots of my living room.

The hallway in the kitchen to the bath .

My most used room,the bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
It was nice to see a few new followers this past week.Thank you to all of you that follow me.