Friday, May 14, 2010

I am so proud....

This morning was the top 25 student breakfast at my daughters high school.
I have been to college visits, mailed out my first payment to the college she has chosen and yet it hasn't seemed real. Today hearing "Think back to September of 1997, all the misty eyes as you sent your child off to Kindergarten and now they graduate in 3 weeks..." That is when it hit little girl is growing up. Although there are so many new wonderful things to look forward to , things will never be quite the same.
Allison is a wonderful girl that still asks if she can go places and when she should come home. Soon she will make all her own decisions and not even sleep under my roof. Yes this is a normal part of growing up but I can't help but wish she would stay at home and be my little girl forever.

There are many reading this that have already experienced this and understand just how I feel. There are also many just starting out with their little kids. Remember to treasure the time for it is true , it will pass quicker than you truly can ever imagine.


  1. What a beautiful blog entry Audrey!

    You have every right to be proud. :) Allison has grown into a beautiful, loving, responsible young woman. You and Robert have done a wonderful job loving and guiding her.
    The years sure have passed quickly though.

    PS I'm very proud of her, too!

  2. You have an absolutely Beautiful daughter.
    I to share the same feeling this year with my youngest going off to college this fall. So many thoughts go through your head. I always wonder how my own mother made the transition.

    Wishing you ALL only the Best of many years to come...

    My Best Always~Marilyn

  3. Audry, thanks for visiting my blog..don't have much on it yet. I love your blog and I love all of your Prims.I sure do wish we had stores down here that awesome prims like up there. I hope to find some great finds when I go to Ohio this August.