Monday, April 19, 2010

new shelves my husband built me.

I have never quite liked this wall and change what is on it often. After going to a new friends home and seeing her shelf I knew it would be perfect for this area.

The wall is a off the kitchen and leads to the bathroom.
It is a perfect area to put all my collections.

I just love it and it took me all of 5 minutes to get it filled up!
Here is a picture of my favorite shelf. My husband built for me years ago.

I tend to move things often or repaint them but this has stayed the same since day one.

I read on Linda's blog where she picked items to describe herself. She ended it with "what would you be?" so here are my answers.

If I were a gem stone I would be a Sapphire. True blue perhaps under valued to some but priceless to many.

If I were a scent I would be clove, to remind you of home baked love.

If I were a pair of shoes I would be sneakers, comfortable but able to climb any hill.

If I were the weather I would be a crisp fall day

If I were a facial expression I would be a smile to welcome all friends new or old.

If I were a car I would be a Model T, reliable yet moving at a pace to truly enjoy the ride.

If I were a time of day I would be late afternoon, the hustle and bustle are over but there is still time to sit and visit.

If I were a month I would be September. Still holding the promise of a new beginning engraved in us from our childhood school days.

If I were a place I would be home, after all there is no place like home.

If I were a liquid I would be a hot cup of tea. My mother always told me a hot cup of tea can chase your troubles away. ( and yes that cup would be half full)

If I were a taste I would be vanilla..sweet yet mild enough to please all.

If I were a animal I would be a small dog. Loyal, giving unconditional love .Unafraid to stand up to the bigger dogs.

If I were a food I would be a hearty soup, made up of so many different ingredients.

If I were a color I would be rainbow, reminding you of God's promise, of unity and acceptance of all.

If I were a instrument I would be a piano playing comforting gospel tunes.

If I were a flower I would be a hydrangea. Beautiful in fresh bloom and just as wonderful older and dried.

If I were a song I would be Amazing Grace.

If I were a planet I would be Earth.

If I were a object I would be a well loved Teddy bear ,thread bare full of a child's tears and secrets.

If I were a fruit I would be a blue berry, ready to protect your heart.

If I were a day of the week I would be Sunday. A day to reflect on the past week but full of promise for the upcoming week.

If I were a pattern I would be patch work, made up of all the people who have touched my life and made me who I am today.

If I were a sound I would be the wind, able to send sweet whispers as well as loud howls.

What would you be????


  1. Audrey - you have made my eyes leak!! I answered mine a bit playful but yours really reveal the true you and why I have so enjoyed getting to know you and call yt=ou my friend. You truly are a sapphire!!

    I love your shelf like that - it looks like a buttery!!! And the one your hubby made - well I wouldn't change it either. It's gorgeous. I love seeing more of your home!!

  2. Loving your post today..everything about it..

  3. I really love those shelves! I like the way you have used each section to group a different collection. Very well done! I like the other that your DH did too!

  4. Oh boy, do I ever LOVE your new shelf!!! And it's full of sooooo many goodies :)

    I really love the other shelf also. I to seem to move things around often. I think we all seem to do that LOL...

  5. Your shelf is great and you have filled them perfectly!

  6. GReat post! I don't know you but I agree with Linda this post reveals how your heart is. Beautiful people!

  7. Love the new shelf Audrey.And all the goodies that you have in it!

  8. I love the shelf that your Hubby made you, the red ware is GREAT and the the redware sign.I love the collections,when I go over to your to house I am bringing mu BIG PINK BAG that you saw me with at the Marathon. I can fit alot in there!LOL, LOL!!!!
    I love you and your post!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to come over!!!!


  9. You are definitely an organizer.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and I invite you to look over my blog and perhaps become one yourself

  10. Audrey...IF I had a blog and were to answer the "if I were..." questions, I could never have done a nicer, warmer job of it than you did in this post! How truly heartfelt and heartwarming!

    The new shelving unit is pretty darn awesome as well! Enjoy the weekend!