Friday, March 19, 2010

wool cutter

I just bought a wool cutter. I have made a few pieces using wool I cut into strips both with scissors and using a rotary cutter with ruler. However two weeks ago I bought a kit with pre cut strips and loved the ease of the perfect strips.
I checked on line prices for cutters. My favorite quilt shop said she would get me one . I was excited . Her price would save me money as it was cheaper than on line plus no shipping. Two weeks into it she called to say the price had gone up from 165.00 to 230.00 so she didn't get it with out my approval. Good! I went back online how ever it was now 230.00 there as well.

As I checked different sites I came across Green Mountain Hooked rugs.
There I found the same model at a much better price. I paid through pay pal . I am thinking how wonderful It is located in Vt , I could maybe have it by Saturday.
I had ordered it mid morning Wed and had a email at 1:05 that day saying it was being processed and would be mailed out that day.

Quite excited I visited a great quilt shop in N.H. I hadn't been to since before the winter. I looked at the beautiful wool ,wonderful patterns and made plans in my mind of future creations.
I then headed to a thrift shop to buy wool skirts, such a better value. I did well and headed home. When I arrived the mail had come and there was my cutter!! Barely 24 hours later !!! I am so delighted. So please if you Hook check out her site and know what great service you will receive.

Enjoy your day, I will spend mine cutting wool.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sorry it has been a bit since my last post. The painting continues and my house is upside down as a result. Areas that are done now contain all the "stuff" from the next paiting area. It will be worth it but somehow it just seems like we are making a mess.
I want everything done before I make my decissions of where to hang things, so I have only put one shelf back up.

I have been under the weather the past few days. I didn't leave my bed yesterday except to use the bathroom . I have some sort of bug and afraid I may have passed it along to hubby. Painting may have to be put on hold a few days.

I came across this wonderful blog. Michelle Palmer

Michelle is so talented and is haveing a great give away so be sure to check out her blog.
I hope you all had a nice St patrick's day. Hope you enjoyed corn beef and cabbage.None for us this year but we will make up for it next year.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's going on at my home.

Happy March 1 st. I can't believe it is here already. Yes I am getting spring fever. I realize more snow will come ,as it is only march but I feel spring will be here in no time now.
I have already signed up my youngest for T ball and Hubby has already been to softball meetings and indoor batting practice, so this is all the proof I need.
Robert, my husband loves his softball. He plays on 2 teams each season( was so glad when it became just 2 teams).
He has been playing since graduating high school. I have great memories of bringing babies to games. My daughter Allison was the team mascot and I made her a cheer leader outfit with matching coat in the team colors.
They won the championship that year and she was in the team photo that appeared in the news paper. She was just 3 and it seems like it was yesterday. However time gets away from me, she is in her senior year of high school and preparing for college.

Softball season starts early spring and goes to the fall. Anything I hope to get done, goes around softball. Our wedding date was decided around that years softball schedule!! Needless to say I have my husband repainting now . I knew if it was put off any longer it would not get done.
When we built the house the walls where linen white with white trim. After a few years I picked a yellow that I loved at the time. Now so many years later I am so over the yellow!
I picked a Martha Stewart color called Bone folder which is a warm white. I then picked snail shell which to me is the color of mud dried on my husbands boots...sounds pretty huh? I love it.
He will paint the tops white and put the darker on the bottom then add a chair rail. We have a colonial so the floor plan makes each room need to be the same to flow well.
I feel bad as it is a big job, but I am a very impatient , sloppy painter. Robert started in the small bathroom yesterday. It took all day.... it looks great!!!
Amazing the difference a little Patience can make.

What a difference. so bright and clean. It is a big job and I have so much to move out of the way . Gee I sure love "stuff"!!!
It is a perfect time to do this . We all seem to crave change as the seasons do.
This new clean look is a perfect way to start my spring.
I'll keep you updated on the changes.