Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prim challenge: shades of Brown

I was on a great blog ,Primitive Devotion She was talking of her love for BROWN!!! I too love brown. Just this morning my children were teasing me that I only by brown clothes. You see they don't care what color I wear ,it is that I also buy brown for them .
We were discussing prom gowns and colors and of course I suggested BROWN!!!

Anyways I do have a lot of brown in my home. I posted Monday about blue and included a piece that I said I was about to paint. As luck would have it I choose a brown.

The post before that I showed my newest make do chairs.

I love the warmth of old wood items such as bowls and mashers....

Old baskets....

I love this corner with a old shop desk.

I could keep posting pictures but perhaps i am getting carried away. I will end with this great old saw I hung above a window along with a sign. I love it and people always coment on it when they visit.

I hope you to will join in on the brown challenge.


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  2. It was me that deleted the comment above. Sorry about that. I am the typo queen! LOL!

    Oh, I love all of your browns! Audrey, thanks for participating in the challenge! Girl, you have so many prim goodies! Love the cupboards and the make-do chairs! I need to go back and read all of your previous posts. Your blog is awesome! I'm also going to add you to my blog list! :0)

    About linking, you did that in your opening sentence! Thanks!

  3. I love seeing your wonderful antiques Audrey!! I need to come visit (with an empty suitcase! ) I love by little brown bear you made me as well as Rudman!!

  4. I am with you Audrey, I am in love with browns! What color is that on your doors, i am taking note of new colors, got some painting i need to do. Yes i feel i need to come see you, things may go missing, LOL!

  5. Oh, I LOVE your browns!!..Great pieces!!~~hugs,Jen

  6. I love browns, too, Audrey! And I especially love all of the brown items you showed us. Wonderful! I'm doing some drooling here!

  7. Your home is warm and inviting. Brown is a favorite color of mine. I love the new paint on the hutch. Nice job! Kathy