Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty tip

My close friends know I have "campaign taste on a beer pocket book..."
I can not get over the prices on some items. so when i can cut corners or make it myself I do. It may not be exact but the satisfaction of money saved is well worth it.
One thing I do, rather than buy my pillows pre made I make them. Yes I do sew but anyone can make these.
First find place mats that can be separated front from back.

On this one I cut a small slit in the back , stuffed and whip stitched close.

Table runners can be made the same way to use on benches as well as bolster pillows for the bed. The only important thing to remember is you must be able to separate the two sides.

for this one I carefully opened the hem stitch at the end of the runner, stuffed and whip stitched closed.

For those with a little sewing knowledge. It is much cheaper to buy Heirloom weavers place mats and sew a backing than to buy the beautiful pillows already made.
I bought a set of 4 place mats for 34.99 and then backed them with quality black wool. They came out great. These have been well used and hold up well.

Hope this tip helps you and inspires you to look at placemats with a new purpose.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had a comment from Christine asking about a stitchery shown in my last post.
I bought this and just love it.* Sorry It was hard to get these pictures without the flash and they are under glass.

I love this wool picture as well. It hangs over my bed.

I thought I would share this one that I recieved from my mother for Christmas. I love it because it makes me think of my Father. One of his phrases that touches my heart is..."the good Lord has been good to me".

My area was lucky to not get very much snow yesterday so I am off to buy my Valentines. Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day! xox

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Primitive Devotion: Prim Challenge: Shades of Brown#links#links#links

Primitive Devotion: Prim Challenge: Shades of Brown#links#links#links

Prim challenge: shades of Brown

I was on a great blog ,Primitive Devotion She was talking of her love for BROWN!!! I too love brown. Just this morning my children were teasing me that I only by brown clothes. You see they don't care what color I wear ,it is that I also buy brown for them .
We were discussing prom gowns and colors and of course I suggested BROWN!!!

Anyways I do have a lot of brown in my home. I posted Monday about blue and included a piece that I said I was about to paint. As luck would have it I choose a brown.

The post before that I showed my newest make do chairs.

I love the warmth of old wood items such as bowls and mashers....

Old baskets....

I love this corner with a old shop desk.

I could keep posting pictures but perhaps i am getting carried away. I will end with this great old saw I hung above a window along with a sign. I love it and people always coment on it when they visit.

I hope you to will join in on the brown challenge.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blue Monday

Well I finialy got the blue bug from Char.
Here are some of the blues I see in my home.
This beautiful quilt that just steals my heart.

Pillows made from a old blue coverlet

Old blue tool chest I found at a N.H. antique shop

My favorite crock full of my favorite dried flowers

These colorful stacked boxes, the blue just pops

stockings I just didn't want to put away yet

This piece I am getting ready to it is just a matter of what color????

Happy Monday friends.