Monday, January 11, 2010

My dinning room

I had a wonderful week end. Saturday I had a birthday party for my 7 year old son. He was happy and I lived through it.
Sunday I had a much needed time out with a friend. On our way to Sturbridge we made a unexpected stop at a little shop and ended up getting a tour of their home.
Bonnie took plenty of pictures and posted them on the APP blog
It was wonderful. I have been lucky enough to tour some wonderful homes but I go away with the same question each time. Where is their "stuff"?
I am the first to admit I am a pack rat. I come by it naturally. It runs in my family, however each home I covet has no extra "stuff". I truly believe I would be happier living like this. However actually purging ,I haven't been able to do. I blame it on having children . In truth they are not saying mom " please keep every art project I ever made." "You can't get rid of those toys , you are throwing my childhood away!!" Yet this is what I hear in my head.
I do not believe in New years resolutions as I feel each day is a new opportunity to be better. So I am going to re think what I can part with ,after all I believe if there was less stuff I would be able to enjoy what I have more.
On that note here is my dinning room. I love everything in it but it is a perfect example of having too much stuff!


  1. Oh Audrey I sympathise with post yesterday was about having way too much stuff.
    After our CS photo shoot I decided to live with less and purged at that time...that was a year ago, now I have accumulated more! How does this happen.
    I piled all my stuff on our dr. table and now it's purg time....we all go through it at some point. I think it' your time and mine! lol

    I saw Bonnie's post on your wonderful!
    Hugs, Karen

  2. So glad you made it through your son's bday party. My 14 year old daughter had 7 friends spend the night. It went surprisingly well. You never know with girls at that age...... I know what you mean about stuff, but sometimes it is hard to part with it. What if you pack up the pieces you really don't want to get rid of and pur them away for awhile. Once you get them out later, maybe you will know what to do then. Good luck.

  3. Audrey, my home gets packed too. I love my stuff to much to put it all away. I say if it makes me happy then it stays. lol Kathy

  4. Happy Birthday to you son!!

    Kids really do add to the clutter. And when they are gone, you gain all the space they took up - bedrooms, closets etc. Then there is more room to hide your 'stuff' and spread it out too! When their bedroom becomes your office, some of the stuff you feel is cluttering up your dining room can go in there! All you have to do is hang on long enough! LOL I consider itmy just reward for raising my kids and being such a good mom!!

  5. Audrey,

    We're just going to have to wait until the kids move out!Hey you've got some nice things there!When's the next road trip?LOL!

  6. You sure do have alot of GREAT,BEAUTIFUL, prim pieces. I love it all!!!

    When we go shopping again I am going to pick up what you point out!!

    Big Hugs to you my friend,

  7. Hmmm.... Pack rat.... you come by it naturally?
    Whatever do you mean Audrey?
    :D :D :D