Monday, January 25, 2010

Make do chairs

Sunday I had a nice morning out with my husband. We headed up to Country Mischief. He had received a gift certificate from Gail's son after the completion of their new home as a Thank you.
We started off shopping . I just love seeing all the great things she has there.
I saw a simple make do chair that I really liked. They had just covered the seat and stuffed it as well as covering the back with fabric. It was darling and if I had extra money I would have brought it home but being a one income family of 5 I headed over to the fabric part of her shop and picked up some nice cloth instead.
We then had breakfast. I chose the Mushroom and Broccoli quiche. On the week end it comes with toast and home fries. I picked Cinnamon Raisin toast. It was thick and tasted like a Cinnamon roll. YUMMY!!!! I took the quiche home as after the toast and potatoes I was full.
We headed over to Primitives for Ewe next. Although I was looking for a item for a swap I didn't see anything for that but left with this beautiful table square.

It's called Angstsdt star #9 pattern. It is made by Family Heirloom weavers. I just love it and it is the colors of my furniture.
Later that afternoon took my son jean shopping. As we passed a Antique/consignment shop they had a few chairs outside just calling me. I quickly stopped paid and loaded them and came home to make my new chairs.
as some of you know I have made make do's before but with the high back and sides. I love them and do sit in them.

The difference with these chairs , not only can I just make them myself right away without waiting for wonderful hubby to cut the wood. They also fit anywhere.
I started by sewing reinforcement fabric around the seats in both directions. Probably not necessary but I did.

I then sewed the bottom fabric on. I stuffed the first one with raw wool for a comfy seat. I wrapped the back of the chair with cotton batting and stitched closed then added poly fill in side of it for more added comfort.

I then sewed my fabric on. I added wool patches for "looks.

I then did the second one. only difference is I stuffed the seat with poly fil for a more puffy look because of the fabric I choose.

I love them both and will spend today rearranging furniture to find just the right spot for them.
I hope you are all making the most of your Monday.


  1. Love those chairs!!
    You did a prim perfect job!!

  2. Love your chairs. Great job on them. Love the settee and you table in the head picture.

  3. Audrey you are so creative!!We need a road trip to that shop soon!:)

  4. Fantastic to have your husband go on the shopping excursion with you and Such a GREAT job on your Makedo Chairs...It's wonderful to look at something and say 'Hey, I can do that'(AND Love the outcome)...Loved your show and tell on the chair makeover!!!

    Your Children are just Beautiful...Enjoy their Happiness...

    Always My Best