Sunday, January 3, 2010

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New year celebration.
We enjoyed time with the kids. Playing games and sipping sparkling cider.

It was a fun time that ended at 9 p.m. which is when we count down at the microwave and as it beeps we blow party horns and say Happy New Years!!!
Matthew doesn't realize how "lame" we are and Bobby is good enough not to say it.

On Saturday night we babysat a 3 month old wonderful boy. His daddy works with my husband. Allison and I were in HEAVEN!!! Oh how we love babies.
He was such a joy . He has the biggest eyes for a baby and looked to us like a BOO BAH.

Vacation is coming to a close. Back to our routine tomorrow. I am sad but am looking forward to getting the house back in shape. Like many of you I will be cleaning out closets and simplifying my home. It is amazing how much stuff has come in over the past year with not much leaving. I will group things to donate, give away to friends and just plain throw out what is not worth passing on.
I have projects on a note pad to get done and am looking forward to just getting a fresh start to the new year. I'll keep you [posted on my progress in hopes it will make me do it all!! LOL... Hope your week gets off to a great start.


  1. What a good kid Bobby is going along with your countdown! Doesn't sound lame to me - sounds innovative!

    And what a cute baby! They are the best!!

    I am looking forward to routine too - shh just don't tell Mr. Red Door as he goes back to work tomorrow!!

    Happy New year my friend!

  2. Audrey,

    Love your header picture with the kitty!It looks like everyone had a good time on New Years!
    Happy New Year To You!