Monday, January 25, 2010

Make do chairs

Sunday I had a nice morning out with my husband. We headed up to Country Mischief. He had received a gift certificate from Gail's son after the completion of their new home as a Thank you.
We started off shopping . I just love seeing all the great things she has there.
I saw a simple make do chair that I really liked. They had just covered the seat and stuffed it as well as covering the back with fabric. It was darling and if I had extra money I would have brought it home but being a one income family of 5 I headed over to the fabric part of her shop and picked up some nice cloth instead.
We then had breakfast. I chose the Mushroom and Broccoli quiche. On the week end it comes with toast and home fries. I picked Cinnamon Raisin toast. It was thick and tasted like a Cinnamon roll. YUMMY!!!! I took the quiche home as after the toast and potatoes I was full.
We headed over to Primitives for Ewe next. Although I was looking for a item for a swap I didn't see anything for that but left with this beautiful table square.

It's called Angstsdt star #9 pattern. It is made by Family Heirloom weavers. I just love it and it is the colors of my furniture.
Later that afternoon took my son jean shopping. As we passed a Antique/consignment shop they had a few chairs outside just calling me. I quickly stopped paid and loaded them and came home to make my new chairs.
as some of you know I have made make do's before but with the high back and sides. I love them and do sit in them.

The difference with these chairs , not only can I just make them myself right away without waiting for wonderful hubby to cut the wood. They also fit anywhere.
I started by sewing reinforcement fabric around the seats in both directions. Probably not necessary but I did.

I then sewed the bottom fabric on. I stuffed the first one with raw wool for a comfy seat. I wrapped the back of the chair with cotton batting and stitched closed then added poly fill in side of it for more added comfort.

I then sewed my fabric on. I added wool patches for "looks.

I then did the second one. only difference is I stuffed the seat with poly fil for a more puffy look because of the fabric I choose.

I love them both and will spend today rearranging furniture to find just the right spot for them.
I hope you are all making the most of your Monday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

doll making

First let me start by saying buying doll patterns is important!! It keeps wonderful people and companys going and there is knowledge in each pattern ,not just a traced doll.
With that said I have been sewing long enough to just make a pattern.
I was emailing with a friend who was quite interested by this so I decided to blog how I do it.

I trace a pattern onto freezer paper and cut out. I then trace the pattern onto fabric. I prefere osnaburg. I do not cut out the doll . I sew it and then cut out.

I turn out my doll and stuff the head and neck with pollyfil. It is important to stuff firmly but with small pieces so you will not get a lumpy head. Pay close attention to the neck area or your dolls head will sag in time.
I then stuff the rest of the body with fabric and wool scraps. This gives the doll a nice old weighted feel. I stuff the arms and feet with polly fil but only a 1/3 of the way. I want the doll to sit and be positioned well.
After attaching arms and legs I may stitch the face or leave plain depending on my mood.
I make up my "potion" ,Nestea sugar free instant tea, cinnamon and Vanilla. I like my dolls dark so I use about a cup of tea , 3 tbl cinnamon and 1/2 bottle of vanilla. I use a sponge brush to apply to doll making sure to cover well . If you miss a spot and touch up later it will show .
I bake my doll on a parchment lined cookie sheet in a 250 degree oven until dry. For my doll today I am making it black so I pour black paint into a disposible cup and add water. I mix well and apply to doll with a new sponge brush. I make sure to cover completely and then back into the oven to dry.
I then sand my doll. this ages it as well as softens the fabric.

I then apply my tea "potion" again to give her a warm color.

I then get my paint out and make eyes on my dolly.

While my face is drying I am going to age a small Bible I picked up at Dollar Tree for my doll. Although I felt a little uneasy about this I want my doll to be a wise older God fearing dolly who has loved and read her Bible each day so aging it was a must.
I firt sanded it and then applied stain. Let dry.

As you can see it makes quite the difference.

Now it is time for her dress. I lay my doll onto freezer paper again and trace her to create a bodice. ( top of dress)

I also trace pantaloons for my modest doll.

I cut out my bodice on a double fold. I also cut out 2 long pieces for the skirt bottm. I do hem my edges. It is my preference since I do not wear raw edges.

I sew two rows on the widest setting to gather my skirt. I choose to add scrim ( a fabric netting found in the drappery dept at your fabric store) on the front for the apron.

Once pinned to the bodice I sew a straight stitch. I pull out the long gathered threads. I then fold my dress right sides together and sew along the outside edges.

I now turn right side out and cut a slit in the neck. I dress her. and run a gather stich around the neck line. I also add hair now. I use raw wool.

I now make her bonnet. I take wool and fold in half. I hem the edges. I sew down the back and then the top triangle.

I attach on the sides of her head with rusty safty pins. I make a bag from wool to hold her bible. I use pins and tie jute for the bag handle. I added a pin with bell to the front and aso a key necklace.

All that is left now is to name her. I made this doll for a swap I am doing. It is going to a wonderful woman who is not as primitive as I am so I didn't "dirty" her dress. If she was for my home I would have tea stained her dress. However her clothing and bag are not as bright as it looks in these pictures.
I hope you enjoyed my doll makeing lesson. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My dinning room

I had a wonderful week end. Saturday I had a birthday party for my 7 year old son. He was happy and I lived through it.
Sunday I had a much needed time out with a friend. On our way to Sturbridge we made a unexpected stop at a little shop and ended up getting a tour of their home.
Bonnie took plenty of pictures and posted them on the APP blog
It was wonderful. I have been lucky enough to tour some wonderful homes but I go away with the same question each time. Where is their "stuff"?
I am the first to admit I am a pack rat. I come by it naturally. It runs in my family, however each home I covet has no extra "stuff". I truly believe I would be happier living like this. However actually purging ,I haven't been able to do. I blame it on having children . In truth they are not saying mom " please keep every art project I ever made." "You can't get rid of those toys , you are throwing my childhood away!!" Yet this is what I hear in my head.
I do not believe in New years resolutions as I feel each day is a new opportunity to be better. So I am going to re think what I can part with ,after all I believe if there was less stuff I would be able to enjoy what I have more.
On that note here is my dinning room. I love everything in it but it is a perfect example of having too much stuff!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you seen me???

Hello friends. I am in search of a place that sells this star pottery. The store I would get it from is no longer around. It's only marking is a signature I can't make out and a odd stamp.

I just know someone out there knows the information and where I can add more to my collection.

This is what I have so far but would like more. I have it displayed on this hutch I picked up a couple of summers ago. I thought I would re paint it but out of laziness I haven't. It has grown on me so now I wonder if I should? I like the color because it is unlike what I have and everything pops on it but then I think maybe I should re do it so it is more me. What do you think? What color would you paint it?
Thanks for the help.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New year celebration.
We enjoyed time with the kids. Playing games and sipping sparkling cider.

It was a fun time that ended at 9 p.m. which is when we count down at the microwave and as it beeps we blow party horns and say Happy New Years!!!
Matthew doesn't realize how "lame" we are and Bobby is good enough not to say it.

On Saturday night we babysat a 3 month old wonderful boy. His daddy works with my husband. Allison and I were in HEAVEN!!! Oh how we love babies.
He was such a joy . He has the biggest eyes for a baby and looked to us like a BOO BAH.

Vacation is coming to a close. Back to our routine tomorrow. I am sad but am looking forward to getting the house back in shape. Like many of you I will be cleaning out closets and simplifying my home. It is amazing how much stuff has come in over the past year with not much leaving. I will group things to donate, give away to friends and just plain throw out what is not worth passing on.
I have projects on a note pad to get done and am looking forward to just getting a fresh start to the new year. I'll keep you [posted on my progress in hopes it will make me do it all!! LOL... Hope your week gets off to a great start.