Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little Holiday decorating

It's been a great week. Sunday was such a fun time out with friends and the rest of the week flew by. I went to the movies on Tuesday with a friend and saw A Christmas Carol 3D. It was good but ofcourse my favorite part of the movie was looking at the set loving the shelfs and scrooges bedding. It was Prim eye candy .
That night my hubby took me to see The Blind Side. That was excellent. I do not go to the movies often so 2 in one day was something!!

I have started to put some holiday touches around my home. I am not in any hurry for the big tree but I do enjoy greenery around.
This is the great bunch Bonnie gave me on Sunday. I love it in this wonderful old pitcher and bowl.

I made up this long wood box of faux fruit and greens for my dinning room table.

This table betwen the two front windows in my living room is always being tweaked. I guess because I am always looking at it. I started out with it like the picture in my header then I changed it to this..

It now looks like this..

Over at The pickled pepper patch I saw where Char spray painted her "too green" trees to prim them up..Thank you Char your ideas are amazing!!!
I had this one that kept looking off to me so today I got out the spray paint

That looks so much better!!!
I found this wonderful wax dove at Primitives Thymes. It is so sweet.

I love this large old wooden bowl filleed with grennery and a candle. My Santa is a Greta Chirco-Sew be it doll.
Try hard and you can see the picture of me and my sister with santa when I was just 3. I treasure it.

I almost forgot to share my wonderful surprise from Hubby. They found these old glass bottles burried at a job site. I can't believe they are not broken or even cracked. This is the way they looked 5 minutes after getting them. I have them soaking to clean them up . This is just my kind of love present!!!

Hope your week is going well.


  1. Love how your tree turned out. Loved that idea when I read it at Char's blog.

    Your decorating is quite lovely!

  2. I love your home. It is beautiful. I love your dining room table...
    You have great taste!!
    God Bless,

  3. It's lookin very nice at your house, Audrey! :)
    I love your table display and your little tree does look so much better! Great idea...Char does have some wonderful tips!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Everything looks great, Audrey! I agree, your tree looks better. I love your fruit display.

  5. love all your pictures. I adore that redware plate.
    I hope you know that after you clean up all those bottles, you're going to have to "dirty" them up again to make them look prim! I think it was Char that gave instructions a while ago on how to dirty up bottles to make them look old. That Char! Always giving me "dirty" ideas!

  6. What cool bottles!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Love all your Christmas touches!!

  7. Audrey,
    The wooden box on your table with the faux fruit is just fabulous!Love all your holiday touches!