Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It only takes a moment.

I went to the market last night. I needed bread and a few items for lunches. I was feeling blue and distracted due to my fathers health issues. My daughter went to the store with me to keep me company and help me stick to my list.
We paid and went out to our car. I opened the hatch but then decided to put the groceries in the back seat instead. I opened my front door, set down my purse on the drivers seat. I opened my back door and went to get a bag from my carriage, before my daughter could even get the "mom" out of her mouth I sensed a figure beside me .He reached into my car grabbed the purse, and then ran around the front of my car and jumped into the waiting get away car . I somehow had the sense to start yelling He took my purse..get the license plate number. I ran after the car a few steps and saw the first 3 numbers...people were all looking at us. one man yelled to me "did he take your purse?? I thought you knew him and it was horse play"....but then he drove after him. Another couple had come out at the same time as us and that young man yelled to me" did he get your bag?? I'm gonna get that F**ker!!" and he left. We were crying and shocked. I felt it was a lost cause but knew I needed to tell the police. My cell phone was in the purse as well as my car keys . I went in the market and asked them to call the police. The manager was trying to comfort me as I broke down crying.I explained my daughter was outside and I needed to be with her. She said go ahead I will wait for the police. It seemed so long although I am sure it was not.
The police car came. The officer rolled down the window and asked who's purse was it? Then preceded to tell me they were chasing the car. The young man from the store parking lot (with the colorful vocabulary) had tailed the suspect while talking on his cellphone to the police. He led them right to the purse snatcher. They continued the chase through several towns now involving the state police as well as other town police depts. I heard it all unfolding over the police radio. I feared they would crash and prayed for them.
They finally pulled over and the guy jumped out and ran into the woods. The police did catch him.
We rode back to the station in the squad car. We sat and waited. The recovered my cash. They said we have the purse and led me out side to I.D. the car. However the pocket book inside was NOT mine. I did spot my cell phone on the floor of the car. Lucky I have a trac phone. So they chose to keep it.
We went back inside to sign paper work. I could hear women's voice's in the lobby of the station. It was the suspects Mother, sister and girlfriend and they were angry.
We stayed in the back until my husband arrived to get us. As we walked out they stared daggers at me as if I had some how wronged them.

I normally carry my spare car key in my purse in case I get locked out of the car but Had for some reason taken it out of my purse and left it on the counter next to my pet fish. I never know where things are so I know this was Divine intervention!!!!
We came home it was around 11 p.m. Hubby went to bed . I calmed my son and sent him up as well. Allison called her girlfriend and I went on line for distraction. At 12:15 the police called and said they had my purse. The guy told them where he threw it out and the Westminster police had located it. I asked if I could go in then to get it ? I just needed some sense of closure and after being told once already they had it and didn't I needed to see it. Allison went with me needing the same feeling of closure.
Once at the station the captain brought us into the back and then brought out my purse.Such a rush of emotions swept over me. They asked me to go through my things. My debit card , my 100.00 gift card and a savings bond were still inside. nothing was together but they were there!! The only stuff missing was of no big value, stamps , library card, pocket calenders ect.
I couldn't help but cry and feel so thankful. God watched over us. He kept us safe and that is the biggest gift but oh am I thankful for the "cherry on top "getting my things back as well.
The District Attorney called this morning and the 3 will be arraigned today. They asked if I wanted to proceed, I hesitated but answered yes. I owe it to the men who cared enough to help me and the police that did their job so well
I am sorry for them that they were so desperate to do this. Needles were found so I feel drugs were probably the reason. I pray this will somehow help them and they will straighten out their lives.As for me I learned to not keep my keys in my purse. I know I had my guard down last night but I don't think it made to much of a difference.
I am reminded of just how blessed I am, but I am lucky enough to know that and be thankful everyday.


  1. Oh my Audrey, what an aweful experience! But yes you are right so much to be Thankful for, sounds like even if your purse had been in your hand that they were going to get it anyway! Praise the LOrd for he is good.

  2. Wow Audrey! I couldn't even imagine! I am so glad that EVERYONE is safe! Thank goodness for the helpful bystanders and for the guy who drove after! It does anger me that more things like this are happening. Times are hard enough and for some, deperate times call for desperate measures and in the process our lives and saftey are jeopardized. Glad you and your daughter are safe!! Take care!

  3. I am speechless! You hear about this happening all the time. I am so glad you and your daughter were not hurt. Thank God!

  4. Audrey,
    So sorry to hear's so sad that we can't even be safe going to the market.Just give thanks of praise,that you and your daughter were not harmed.We love you Audrey!
    The Staff At APP

  5. OH Audrey!! I am so so sorry this happened to you and your daughter!! I am sooooooooooo THANKFUL that you are OK and no one got hurt and that you got it all back!!

    A word of caution - they may have copied down charge card numbers and exp dates and the number on the back of the card so watch your statements carefully.

    You are in my thoughts and prayer my friend!! I can't wait to see you next week to hug you in person!!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Audrey! How scary! I'm glad nobody was hurt and that you got your things back. We can just never be too careful in today's world. Thank God, that there are still people willing to help out a stranger.

  7. How scary for you and your daughter. I'm so glad it turned out on a possitive note for you. I'm so glad you're both ok. I don't blame you for wanting to be there and feeling like to owe it to sociaty. Criminals don't need just a slap on the wrist.

  8. Oh my frightening...I'm so glad you and your daughter are ok.

  9. I just found your blog thru Linda at Behind my red door, and expected to pop over for a fun post. WOW what a horrible experience for you and your daughter, and what a lesson you have taught all of us. I tend to be very lax about protecting my property, thinking it will never happen to me, but I now feel like I was brought here for a reason, if it can happen to you, I know it can happen to anyone. I have become a new follower of yours, please stop by anytime. Happy Thanksgiving! Sue

  10. OMGosh Audrey I'm just so happy you and your daughter weren't injured in this incident as well as the man tailing the car - who knew if they had a gun. What a good semaritan and guardian angel he was.

  11. Audrey, I'm so very sorry to hear this...this is my first visit here and I'm glad I stopped by..this was such a horrible experience..however the help of those strangers and the fact that most everything was recovered..not to mention your leaving your spare key home.....what a true miracle and a reason for being so thankful. I'm so sorry though that you and your family were put through such an ordeal.

    I wish you & yours a joyous Thanksgiving.

    Take care, Doreen

  12. Audrey ,I am so very sorry that you have had such a scary experience! I am so grateful for the fact that you and your family were not physically harmed. How wonderful that there are people that still care about others and are willing to help.You are being very brave and strong to follow through with everything. Love ,Jen