Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran’s Day

To all that are serving and to all that have served, I thank you.

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I was reading on a blog a question about winterberry. This is how it looks. It is found in and around wetlands.This is the time of year to keep shears in the car as you always seem to spot it when you least expect to.

The conditions must have been just right for it as I have noticed how full the berries are this year. I am lucky enough to have it across the street from my home and already sent my son to get some before the  neighbors and birds all get theirs.Nature is wonderful and I am sure there is enough for all.


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On another  Blog someone was talking about Tea dying and finding out the hard way not to immerse the stuffed item into the tea solution. My tip is I always use a sponge brush. It controls the liquid so well. Also, if you would like a grungier look, place onto cookie tin and bake in a 250 oven. If you want a cleaner, more even look, line the pan with parchment paper.

My tea dye recipe is made with instant unsweetened tea. I will use any left over coffee if I have it and a bottle of vanilla. I also add cinnamon to my mix. I make it in a plastic coffee container and as it sits the cinnamon makes a sludge on the bottom that makes items nice and grungy if you that is the look you like. This will keep in a cool  place for a few days.

I tend to make all my items and then do a mass tea dye party.

The weather has been so mild that I made the most of it. My daughter Allison helped me cut down greens and wire them together to make a swag to put around the door.

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Martha Stewart would be proud! I will wait to put up the greenery until Thanksgiving is done but how nice to get it made on a warm day .Once up I will add berries and larger pine cones . Maybe some dried hydrangeas and a bow.

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I am still enjoying the bittersweet. I am the kinda Gal that waits for them to pop on the vine. I can spot them a mile away these days. Everything is bare and then you spot the orange and yellow. It adds such a fall touch stuck in here and there around the home. I want to enjoy every last bit of fall.

Hope you all are enjoying your day.


  1. Audrey,
    Your front door will be beautiful when done,please show us a pic when the swag is up!

  2. You were smart to wait on the bittersweet. I got mine way too early!

    Can't wait to see all the greens and berries in place!!