Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crazy week

I am so sorry that time has gotten away from me. Last week passed too quickly and I just couldn't keep up.
I had the drama of the purse snatching that did affect me more than I would like to admit but then had to prepare for the 2 day craft fair at my child's school. I seem to work best under pressure which is truly a blessing since I always seem to procrastinate till the last minute.
It was a nice time. My daughter went with me on Friday and helped set up and keep me company. She is a wonderful girl. It was a very active week end for fairs so i don't feel the turn out at the fair was very good. However I did well and for that I am grateful.

On Sunday I brought the kids to visit my parents . Dad knew we were coming so he was up and about. He looked good and it was a nice visit. My Matthew enjoyed playing in the sink with Grammy. They made soap pies and decorated them with cake decorating supplies. Funny the things that are allowed when it is with your Grandchild and not your own kid. LOL...

I didn't get a chance to post a recipe on Friday so here is what I would have posted. I just love this yummy treat.

Sweet Pumpkin dip
2 8-oz pkgs. cream cheese, softened
4 c. powdered sugar
30 -oz can pumpkin pie filling mix
2 t. cinnamon
1 t. ground ginger
ginger snap cookies

Mix cream cheese and powdered sugar in large mixing bowl. Blend in pie filling and spices, cover and chill. Serve with ginger snaps for dipping.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Your kids are so cute, the recipe sounds yummy!!
    God Bless

  2. Poppin in with HAPPY Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family! Have a beautifully blessed day :)

  3. Hey Mattie - that cookie looks yummy! Can I have a bite? :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Audrey!