Thursday, October 29, 2009

Countertop make over

Ten years ago I just couldn't get enough blue. We built our home and I chose blue carpet, linoleum with blue accents and of course blue counter top. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! However the romance like so many is over. My husband replaced the blue carpet with wood. I was so delighted.

He let me pick distressed, non smooth and dark flooring. This change happened about two years ago. Since then I have nagged him about the counter top. I wanted him to cover it in wood. Sounds easy to me! I really was crazy when Lisa from Primitives from above did hers . Although she is VERY talented I think my husband who's trade is home construction should be able to this. After nagging some more he explained that we would need a plumber to come out because of the water treatment system and it would raise the counter by so much BLAH BLAH BLAH I heard no and stopped listening.
Basically I am still a brat after all these years,never quite out grew it.
I was up early on a Saturday morning and caught a home show . They had painted the counter top. WHAT??? I googled and read up on it before pleading my case.
He went for it so I no longer have a blue counter top!! YIPPEE!!!!

I just love it. I didn't realize just how many things I own in that color.
Looks like i will have to find something new to nag my Honey about. I sure am lucky He is such a good sport.
I am looking forward to Saturday,Halloween. In our town everyone goes out on main street.Candy is brought to the school and passed out to the homes on main street to make it fair.
The police put up big lights and are there to keep any traffic to a crawl. Family's bring their carved pumpkins to the common to display on the gazebo. It is like stepping back in time.
I hope you all have a Happy Halloween.


  1. Oh the power of paint, aint it great!! The counter tops look AWESOME!!

  2. WOW - That countertops look amazing!! They really looks great and it so prim. Now to the fun part....decorating. For future reference...way down the road, but don't tell your honey that I told you (lol). We took out our old countertops and put the wood boards together in the garage and then carried them in from there. It was indeed a process and we hit a few snags, but I love them. Just something to think about for years from now (lol).

    It is great that he is such a great sport. Got love men like that.

    Have a great day!!

  3. That looks AMAZING! I never knew you could do that!
    Now the wheels in my head are turning!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Audrey,

    That is smart thinking!Love the color!You're son looks like a cutie pie in that costume!

  5. Oh now that is a transformation if ever I saw one! Love the color too!

    I love how your town does Halloween. What a great idea!!

  6. Wow Audrey, that looks great!

    (And so does Matthew! :P)

  7. Audrey just now finding your blog and LOVE it! Your counter top is awesome, love the outcome!