Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah it's Thursday

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It is special because it is the set day I spend with my mother. I never know what I will be doing on the day but I always know who I will be with.

This morning started out with a stop at the coffee shop. We must have our "fuel". We decided to hit the goodwill. I find the best wool skirts there.( Once home I will take them apart and then wash and dry them. Perfect for wool projects.) I only found one today but they had all kinds of kids working in the area so I believe they were switching over for the season.
Next we stopped at a consignment/antique shop.I didn't purchase anything but it was fun to look. I really enjoy seeing what things sell for. When I find my treasures at the flea market it is just based on I like it and to me it is worth what they are asking. I go with a set dollar amount I am spending that day rather than oh I will look for such and such.
Today I noticed the meat grinders were 25.00. Wow I thought. I know I got mine for a dollar.
Next we hit Target. Mom needed more plastic storage bins. I kept my purse shut :)
On to Pierces now. It is a primitive store that I have been shopping since the 80s. It is a great place that has kept up with the changes. They carry BUYERS CHOICE and alot of Christmas
lines that are collectible at that season. I think that keeps alot of loyal customers.
The store is Beautiful. It is so enjoyable to just poke around. We both made our secret purchases...we both have a birthday coming up this month.
Off to McDonald's for lunch. We have a set meal, hamburger,yogurt parfait and she gets a chocolate milk while I drink my water. Cheap and satisfying.
We have a little time left before school is out so we stopped at one more antique shop. Didn't see anything I couldn't live with out....for at least this week.
Another perfect Thursday.

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