Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall is in the air

Today was a beautiful day. A cool breeze blowing. Perfect day to light a candle and pull out the fall decorations.
I notice all the big crows as I drive around. I just love them , their blue black feathers shining in the sun. Just puts me in a fall mood. I look forward to buying mums and apple picking. If only fall was not followed by winter. Yes I know the snow is beautiful but the oil bill not so much! Well I won't get ahead of myself. Fall is just beginning and I will savor each moment.


  1. It sounds like a perfect with your mom. That is such a great thing ,that you have one day a week set aside to go out and be with your mom!!! Not to many people have that special relationship with their mom like you do. It is something you will always treasure and do with your daughter when she is older!!!
    God Bless my friend