Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another great Thursday

Today my mother and I went out to a quilt shop in Richmond N.H.. It is about an hour away. It is a beautiful ride. Trees are starting to turn and we passed so many beautiful old homes. The shop is wonderful. I talked about it on my other blog . I think it is worth the peek.
Well on the way we passed a home that made me almost drive off the road looking!! It had a flag that read Antiques. I told my mother we have to stop on the way back.
Well when we did the sign said closed. I was so disappointed but I got out of my car and took 2 pictures to share with you. As I got back into my car the owner came out. I told her how beautiful her home is and I was sorry she was closed. She graciously invited us in to peek. She explained that she had just sold so many items to a dealer getting ready to do a big show so she didn't have much. That's funny I wanted everything she had!! Oh my goodness It was like stepping back in time. This was Early pieces Now I understood the shops name"OLDE & EARLY ANTIQUES" 18th&19th century antiques. I saw pieces I could only dream of owning. I loved it there and Thanked her for letting us in and then this WONDERFUL woman asked would you like to tour my home? WOULD I????? Oh my it was AMAZING!!! It was better than any magazine or book I have ever drooled over. Everything was perfect like you had truly stepped back in time. She said she had always wanted an old home . The house was wonderful but everything she put in the home looked like it was original to the home. It was very dark in there of course .( punched lights ) The buttery , she even had the a hired mans room . It had the old bed and old cradle next to it. In the fireplace hung a pot and under it she put Angel hair ( the fine twigs) to look like fire.
It was such a treat and I will remember it always!
As I thanked her again she gave me a store card. Her name is Doreen Taggart. I am so pleased it listed this as well as mailing info so I can send her a proper Thank you.


  1. What a beautiful place and how lucky you were to be able to see it all...good for you!

  2. Oh I am jealous....I would love to have a tour!
    I have enjoyed looking thru your post....great blog!!!! Beth