Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is a wonderful day . It is my mothers Birthday.
Not only has she been a loving & caring mother but she is a amazing Grandma. My six year old Matthew probably thinks all Grandmas play tag and run around the back yard shooting zombies and bad guys.

He thinks they all play in secret forts and crawl into cardboard boxes to eat nacho chips. They must all make up nonsense rhymes and silly songs.

Yes Matthew loves his Grandma very much but has no idea just how lucky he really is. I do , Thank you Mom. You really do make the world a better place.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another great Thursday

Today my mother and I went out to a quilt shop in Richmond N.H.. It is about an hour away. It is a beautiful ride. Trees are starting to turn and we passed so many beautiful old homes. The shop is wonderful. I talked about it on my other blog . I think it is worth the peek.
Well on the way we passed a home that made me almost drive off the road looking!! It had a flag that read Antiques. I told my mother we have to stop on the way back.
Well when we did the sign said closed. I was so disappointed but I got out of my car and took 2 pictures to share with you. As I got back into my car the owner came out. I told her how beautiful her home is and I was sorry she was closed. She graciously invited us in to peek. She explained that she had just sold so many items to a dealer getting ready to do a big show so she didn't have much. That's funny I wanted everything she had!! Oh my goodness It was like stepping back in time. This was Early pieces Now I understood the shops name"OLDE & EARLY ANTIQUES" 18th&19th century antiques. I saw pieces I could only dream of owning. I loved it there and Thanked her for letting us in and then this WONDERFUL woman asked would you like to tour my home? WOULD I????? Oh my it was AMAZING!!! It was better than any magazine or book I have ever drooled over. Everything was perfect like you had truly stepped back in time. She said she had always wanted an old home . The house was wonderful but everything she put in the home looked like it was original to the home. It was very dark in there of course .( punched lights ) The buttery , she even had the a hired mans room . It had the old bed and old cradle next to it. In the fireplace hung a pot and under it she put Angel hair ( the fine twigs) to look like fire.
It was such a treat and I will remember it always!
As I thanked her again she gave me a store card. Her name is Doreen Taggart. I am so pleased it listed this as well as mailing info so I can send her a proper Thank you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My day out with Tricia

Today I traveled out to Hopkinton. It is only an hour away but for those of you that know me I am not one for "big roads". I folishly thought because of the time of day I went not many would be on the road. WRONG. I guess this is a pretty popular route. I luckily only needed to be on it for 16 miles. However being one that avoids the highway it seemed crazy to drive 65!!! LOL.... It was worth it and I am sure it will become quite normal to me in no time.

I made great time and was there a little early but Tricia the fashion plate that she is looked like a millon bucks. Her hair , makeup and Nails done like a movie star and flashing all her diamonds!! Quick hugs and giggles and we were off.
We stopped for a cup o joe and then went to a wonderful place ,Medway mill antiques & more. Oh the great stuff they had. Something for everyone. As we entered I saw the candles for sale and then you went into a prim gals heaven. baskets , vintage kitchen items. crocks, furniture. Tricia had her eye on a small green firkin but I am afraid at $90.00 it stayed there. She did pick up a wall box to remember the day . I found a vintage pin that brought back great childhood memories of rummage sales with my mom and going to first grade drapped in jewels. I did buy it and put it right on. I also picked up a peg rack made of old wood. You can never have too many of those.
We saw so many great pieces and took a few photos for our friends that couldn't join us.It was a wonderful day and I hope we will do it again soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah it's Thursday

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It is special because it is the set day I spend with my mother. I never know what I will be doing on the day but I always know who I will be with.

This morning started out with a stop at the coffee shop. We must have our "fuel". We decided to hit the goodwill. I find the best wool skirts there.( Once home I will take them apart and then wash and dry them. Perfect for wool projects.) I only found one today but they had all kinds of kids working in the area so I believe they were switching over for the season.
Next we stopped at a consignment/antique shop.I didn't purchase anything but it was fun to look. I really enjoy seeing what things sell for. When I find my treasures at the flea market it is just based on I like it and to me it is worth what they are asking. I go with a set dollar amount I am spending that day rather than oh I will look for such and such.
Today I noticed the meat grinders were 25.00. Wow I thought. I know I got mine for a dollar.
Next we hit Target. Mom needed more plastic storage bins. I kept my purse shut :)
On to Pierces now. It is a primitive store that I have been shopping since the 80s. It is a great place that has kept up with the changes. They carry BUYERS CHOICE and alot of Christmas
lines that are collectible at that season. I think that keeps alot of loyal customers.
The store is Beautiful. It is so enjoyable to just poke around. We both made our secret purchases...we both have a birthday coming up this month.
Off to McDonald's for lunch. We have a set meal, hamburger,yogurt parfait and she gets a chocolate milk while I drink my water. Cheap and satisfying.
We have a little time left before school is out so we stopped at one more antique shop. Didn't see anything I couldn't live with out....for at least this week.
Another perfect Thursday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall is in the air

Today was a beautiful day. A cool breeze blowing. Perfect day to light a candle and pull out the fall decorations.
I notice all the big crows as I drive around. I just love them , their blue black feathers shining in the sun. Just puts me in a fall mood. I look forward to buying mums and apple picking. If only fall was not followed by winter. Yes I know the snow is beautiful but the oil bill not so much! Well I won't get ahead of myself. Fall is just beginning and I will savor each moment.